Carter is finding Lawson's former role 'just right'


Ty Lawson has been cleared to play by team doctors after missing three weeks of action with a shoulder injury, but he’s finding that his Denver home isn’t quite how he left it.

Sure, everything looks okay on the outside. The Nuggets are still in second place in the West, and though they’ve faced some tough luck regarding injuries (Lawson included), they’re among the league’s true contenders. But a step inside reveals that there’s definitely been some tampering.

Someone’s been eating his porridge. In fact, they ate it all up.

Someone’s been sitting in his chair. In fact, they seem to have broken it to pieces.

Someone’s been sleeping in his bed. In fact, they’re still there; Anthony Carter (though for the purposes of this metaphor, let’s give him some flowing, golden locks) rests peacefully in Lawson’s old digs, having carved out what was once Ty’s during his stint as a fill-in.

From Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post:

Now it appears Anthony Carter has taken it back. The veteran has played some of his best basketball in a Nuggets uniform over the last three weeks and will force coaches yet again to make a decision about how to distribute point guard minutes.

“A.C. is a veteran,” Nuggets acting coach Adrian Dantley said. “That’s why when you have a basketball team, you want to have three guards. Ty got a little bit of action in the beginning. Then Ty got hurt and created an opportunity for A.C. to come in. All the guys know A.C. can play, and he’s contributed since he’s been here.”

Nuggets coach George Karl had already said Carter has earned the right to play more minutes when Lawson returned from injury. Now Lawson says he’s ready to play and expects to get back on the court during the Nuggets’ upcoming five-game road trip this week.

He has not been told how much time to expect.