Are the Celtics "back"?


It’s been four games since the Cavaliers outran the Boston Celtics, since the “When are they going to turn it on?” panic button hit its zenith. Four games. Four wins.

The last two actually matter, road games against two Texas teams, including a come from behind win over a Mavericks team at full strength Saturday night. The Celtics said that they were just “bored” and that they still hadn’t really begun to play. The question now is, are we seeing the “real” Celtics?

The Mavericks tried to follow the blueprint for success against the Celtics, running in the fourth quarter to kill the Celtics’ legs, but the C’s had a response: Rajon Rondo.

Rondo sliced and diced his way through the Dallas defense, with no help coming off the pick and helped the C’s pull away late. It could be a sign that the Celtics’ championship run will be led by Rondo rather than Pierce, Allen or Garnett (though all hit huge shots down the stretch, including a classic dagger from Pierce).

Just as the Celtics laughed off losses in the regular season, the same must be said about their wins. But for their critics who thought the Celtics might be done for (and trust me, I’ve danced with that devil a few times this season), the Celtics’ cold, zombie hand seems to have reached up once more to claw at the NBa’s veins.