The official PBT NCAA "office pool"


What, you think you know more about college basketball than me? Well, actually you probably do. My wife will likely beat me in this year’s pool, and she was confused as to where UCLA was in the bracket and why she couldn’t find it.

(For the record, and so I’m not sleeping on the couch tonight, my wife knows hoops. She was a stats girl for Gregg Popovich when he was a college coach. True story. She regularly beats me in this pool.)

She is smarter than me, but you have to prove it. And can do so by entering the official PBT NCAA “office pool.” Just follow this link to the NBC It’s Madness Pool and join the PBT group.

Group ID: probasketballtalk
Password: fearstern

It’s free to join and play. Use your gut or advanced stats. Winner gets bragging rights and their name in the congratulatory post (plus any other prize I can think of in this last-second venture).  Jump in. The team to beat (that would be me) is Kurt’s PUJIT.