Drafting the NCAA Tourney: Houston's Aubrey Coleman


We all love the NCAA tournament, but as NBA fans we watch it with a different eye — who is going to be coming out of this showcase and on to the NBA. This is part of a series looking at future NBA players you should watch this weekend.

Here’s what you need to know about Aubrey Coleman — he led the NCAA is scoring at 25.6 points per game.

He is why Houston is in the NCAA Tournament. And if you can score that much scouts want to see you.

Coleman takes a whopping 34% of his team’s shots when he is on the floor, and while he has not been a terribly efficient scorer you can’t expect him to be when he has to create everything. That also explains his relatively high number of turnover.

So is he legit? DraftExpress has him going in the second round and the site’s Assistant Director of Scouting Joe Treutlein gave us some exclusive comments on Coleman:

“Aubrey Coleman is one of the most productive scorers in college, but he probably helped his draft stock most by doing all the little things during Houston’s C-USA Tourney run. While Coleman isn’t the most efficient scorer due to the way Houston’s offense relies on him, the success of Marcus Thornton with New Orleans this season, another undersized 2 with similar scoring instincts, should make teams thinks twice before passing on Coleman in the second round.”

Right now, every team wants a Marcus Thornton, so this is a guy worth watching, especially against a good Maryland defense Friday night in Spokane.