Davis on thumbing it with Shaq


He smacked it then grabbed it, yes. Boston’s Glen Davis was no baby about owning up grabbing and pulling on Shaquille O’Neal’s thumb, something that led to surgery and is keeping The Big Whatever He Is This Week on the shelf until about the playoffs.

Sunday Davis tried to plead the case down to thumb-slauter — he didn’t know it was injured. It was unintentional He would never try to really hurt Shaq.

“But I wouldn’t dare to anything like that,” he said.

Davis said he didn’t know O’Neal’s thumb had been injured.

“He made no indication his thumb was hurting,” Davis said. “I was just playing basketball. Trying to be a defensive agitator, meaning just messing with him. But I never thought in my mind that his thumb was hurting.”

That pretty much falls in line with the traditional NBA code of play hard but don’t try to take away a guy’s livelihood. You don’t injure intentionally.

While some Cleveland fans have not let it go, Shaq has. He talked to fellow LSU alum Roberts and O’Neal — who will talk about nearly everything — has not said a word about the injury. Nor have the Cavaliers. Davis is a big body banging people around (just ask Anderson Varejao), and sometimes people get hurt.

Besides, the move cost the Celtics the game — they were ahead with the Cavaliers trying to match Boston’s size. Without Shaq, Cleveland went small and ran the Celtics out of the building. Cleveland handled Boston again on Sunday. In the NBA, that may be punishment enough.