Collison claims to be the fastest


Hornets rookie point guard Darren Collison has come on strong in the last two months, to say the least. Collison averaged 21.6 points per game and 8.3 assists per game during the month of February, and is currently averaging 16.1 points per game and 11.4 assists per game in March. Unfortunately for him, Collison probably burst onto the scene too late to take the Rookie of The Year trophy from prohibitive favorites Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry. 

The UCLA product doesn’t seem to mind that, however, as he’s got his eyes on another title: The NBA’s Fastest Man. In a recent interview with HOOP Magazine (hat tip to Henry Abbott for the find), Collison said this regarding his speed: 
“I definitely think I’m the fastest player. I got a chance to watch Ty Lawson’s game and he is probably up there. I’d definitely say I’m the fastest.”

Speed with the ball is a whole different animal than speed without it, but just for kicks, Collison did edge Lawson by two hundredths of a second in the three-quarter court speed drill at the NBA combine, and Collison beat Lawson by a full half second in the agility drill. It’s almost impossible to know which of the two ultra-quick point guards is actually faster in actual game situations; all we can know for sure is that both of them are too quick for just about any opposing defender to stay in front of.