If Gay is the big prize this summer for Knicks, something went horribly wrong


The New York Post continued its crusade Saturday to convince its readers that anyone, anyone, anyone would be willing to play in New York next year because, well, it’s a really big city and MSG is cool and um, NEW YORK! The latest was after the Grizzlies worked over the Knicks completely Friday night.

The Post somehow turned this:

“It’s the most famous arena in the world,” Gay said yesterday before
scoring 20 points in the Grizzlies’ 119-112 victory over the Knicks at
FedEx Forum. “It’s great to play there. Every time I play there, I get
chills. To play in that arena would be nice, but FedEx Forum has been
home to me.”

into something resembling a desire to play FOR New York, rather than AT New York, and then this:

“I wouldn’t mind staying here, if I feel they were going to make a
commitment to me,” Gay said. “It’s a business. I’m only the one here
from my first year so I know the business more than anyone on this team.
It really doesn’t matter which way it goes.”

into an apparent dismissal of Memphis completely.

Now, let’s be clear. Michael Heisley’s not exactly known for breaking the bank, and just last week said that it would be difficult to re-sign Gay (or match whatever offer he gets in restricted free agency) if the fans didn’t start showing up in Memphis.

But I wouldn’t exactly toss it out yet with all the positive vibes being built around the team.

But if the Knicks did decide to pursue a free agent, Gay would be a wise choice. After all, a marginal top player that will inevitably end up overpaid while not producing wins seems right up the Knicks alley. Something tells me that Donnie Walsh may be too smart to make the same mistakes of his predecessor. Gay’s a fine player, but not worthy of a top contract from a top market team looking to contend immediately.