Bobcats dodge bullet, Wallace MRI negative


Gerald Wallace rolled his ankle pretty badly on Friday night, and it was still pretty swollen the next day, prompting an MRI. You could literally hear the Bobcats’ breath collectively inhaling like an industrial strength vacuum. A long-term injury to the ‘Cats All-Star would sink their chances for not only doing anything of note in the playoffs, but getting their in the first place.

Good news came late Saturday night as the MRI came back negative for anything more than a sprain.He’ll miss the next two games for sure, and then be re-evaluated day to day.

Ankle injuries are never good, they never really heal (as anyone who’s ever had one will know), and they hurt like a son of a gun. But the important thing for the Cats is making sure Crash is ready for the playoffs.

While he’s out, Coach Larry Brown has said he might turn to Boris Diaw at small forward with Wallace out, which would make for a weird frontcourt. Then again it’s the Cats.