Odom goes Rick Ross, calls Matt Barnes a "Monkey"


When 50 cent was feuding with Rick Ross (is there anybody 50 hasn’t feuded with?), Ross called him “a monkey.”

Lamar Odom is a bit of a hip-hop historian, and he went there with Matt Barnes.

After the Lakers 96-94 loss when Barnes was in Kobe’s face all game, Bryant was answering questions about Barnes (“he’s entertaining”) when nearby Odom called out “he’s a monkey.”

Needless to say, the number of 40-year-old white reporters in the locker room that get hip hop references is about the same as the ones that would have known what was colored into Ron Artest’s hair (if he had not tweeted out the entire process).

But at least the Orange County Register’s Kevin Ding knew to ask.

“That’s an inside joke,” Odom said. “The rappers that are feuding with each other, Rick Ross and 50 Cent … they’re feuding with each other. That’s an inside joke with this team. Matt Barnes is a cool dude. If I call him a monkey, I don’t mean it. If I call him a superhero or a wrestling figure, I don’t mean it.

“He did what he had to do. He played a great game. He got the crowd involved. Basketball’s entertaining, as well. He did a great job for his team today.”

But Odom also took note in case they meet again.

“He picked the right game to act tough.”