Reggie Evans: NBA's dirtiest player


evans.jpgYou’ll get no argument from Chris Kaman.

Sports Illustrated polled 173 NBA players — secret ballot, of course, that’s how we do things in America — and found that Toronto’s Reggie Evans is considered the dirtiest player in the NBA (winning 21 percent of the vote).

If you want to know why, check out the photographic evidence from Evans first game back three weeks ago. Evans’ style is to play balls out… wait, bad phrasing, let’s try that again. Reggie Evans likes to play hard… no, that doesn’t work either. Reggie Evans always goes after the ball… no, give me a second to work on this.

Ron Artest finished second in the poll, but he doesn’t really see himself that way. Of course.

I’m just aggressive,” he said. “I don’t know. I guess when I hit people, yeah, they feel it. But I don’t think I’m dirty. I just think I just use my body.”

Well, Artest was told, he doesn’t really hit people.

“It’s like a hit,” Artest responded. “But it’s not really a hit.”

Sacramento’s Andres Nocioni was third, Cleveland’s Anderson Varejao was fourth and Kobe Bryant came in fifth. Just for his glare.