Evans generating some serious political capital


Maybe political strategists have been wrong all along. The key to bipartisanship isn’t offering an olive branch, finding balance, or making compromises. It’s just finding the best damn rookie on the planet and parking him in your city (are you taking notes, Ernie Grunfeld?).

Former NBAer and current mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson teamed up with public officials representing both major political parties in offering their official endorsement of Tyreke Evans for Rookie of the Year. Not that ‘Reke necessarily needs their help — even Stephen Curry’s late push for the award is trumped by Evans’ consistent dominance — but it’s always good to have friends in high places, right?

It was a chance for some of California’s leaders to do some real, hard-hitting work…or maybe just attach their name to basketball’s next big thing. It was Tyreke Evans’ opportunity to start building up political influence for his own campaign for city hall in 2036…or maybe for the presidency. And it was a chance for people in positions of influence to nudge media members in the right direction for their ROY votes at the end of the season…or maybe (hopefully, really) telling them what they already know.