Cleveland, Ilgauskas start inevitable dance

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Like the guy in the red uniform that beams down with Captain Kirk and Spock to the planet, we all know how some things are going to end. (Poorly for that guy.) Same with the the Zydrunas Ilgauskas courtship.

The Boston Celtics — desperate to add anyone, to the point they are seriously talking to Michael Finley — talked to Big Z and his agent and figured out quickly what was going on and gave up.

Ilgauskas is going back to the Cavaliers. Everyone knows this, but there is a mating dance that has to take place.

Cleveland started dancing this week.

According to league sources, shortly after Ilgauskas cleared waivers and became a free agent Monday afternoon, the team swung into action. After not speaking with him since he was traded Feb. 17, Cavs General Manager Danny Ferry flew to New York after being with Shaquille O’Neal for his thumb surgery in Baltimore on Monday morning…

Then on Tuesday, sources said, several of Ilgauskas’ former and perhaps soon-to-be reunited teammates came to see him after the team flew into town for Wednesday’s game against the New Jersey Nets.

A decision could come down in the next few days.

With Shaq out, Cleveland needs Big Z back for the stretch run. While the Cavs can crush the lowly Knicks without a traditional center, other teams (see: Magic, Orlando) will not be so easy.

There never has really been any doubt how this was going to end. Time to get it done and end the silly mating dance.