Nobody feels sorry for Tito, er, Beasley


beasley.jpgMichael Beasley was at it again this week, complaining about Charles Barkley calling him (and the rest of the Heat) “a bunch of Tito Jacksons” to Dwyane Wade’s Michael Jackson.

Tito, get me some tissue.

Nobody else is taking Barkley seriously (nobody ever does). Everyone else is having some fun with Beasley on this one. Wade did (of course, it’s easy for him to laugh, he’s the Michael in this analogy).

“I don’t see why [it bothers Beasley and others],” Wade said. “Tito and the Jacksons made a lot of money. If I’m them, I have fun with it. You don’t want a comment like that to make everybody try to be Michael Jackson. You can’t have a team full of Michael Jacksons anyway. No one wants that.”

Coach Eric Spoelstra cut the Jackson 5 hit “ABC (123)” into the team’s scouting clips for the Timberwolves game. Pretty funny. But then he had some dead straight advice.

“If you truly dislike the criticism,” Spoelstra said, “and you don’t
like what people are saying about the quote-unquote supporting cast,
particularly while Dwyane is out, well, if you want to shut them up,
the critics, you do it by winning. That’s the bottom line.

“It doesn’t matter what any individual does while Dwyane is out. If you don’t win, that’s going to matter.”