This may be the worst Pacer team of all time


On Eight Points, Nine Seconds, Tim Donahue tackles the question of whether the 09-10 Indiana Pacers are the worst team in the 34 years the franchise has been in the NBA.

Tim uses lots and lots of stats to support his thesis, and if this isn’t the worst Pacer team ever, it’s certainly close. Their winning percentage is bad enough, but it only gets worse from there. The Pacers are having their worst offensive season since the advent of the three-point line. They are deficient in all of the “Four Factors of Winning.”

It really gets ugly when Mr. Donahue considers the Pacers’ struggle with how weak their schedule has been. According to “Win Factor,” a stat which factors in strength of schedule, the Pacers have been downright offensive:

“How bad is this WF?  I charted 900 teams from the 1977 season
through the current year.  Only 24 teams had lower WF than the Pacers
currently have.  Twenty Four out of 900.  That puts the Pacers in the 3rd percentile.

It’s simply not possible to sufficiently express how bad that is.”

The post contains much more extremely advanced analysis of an extremely bad team. If you’ve got the time and have a strong stomach for ugly advanced statistics, I recommend checking the whole thing out.