Is Mike Woodson burning out his starters?


Hawks blog Hawk Str8Talk has a few qualms with Hawks’ coach Mike Woodson, regarding his rotation. After the Hawks lost to the Suns on Friday, Woodson said he wanted to try something new by not playing his bench, hardly at all, going to a tighter rotation. Jamal Crawford was the only non-starter to log double digit minutes.

The main argument is that a non-essential game is not the time to turn to a tighter rotation, but to give minutes to bench players.

What’s interesting about this in particular is that a tighter rotation is often a hallmark of playoff teams. Only the Magic of the top contending teams does not follow this strategy and that’s largely a component of the Magic’s style and scheme, dependent upon long, athletic three point shooters.

Still, when things started to fall apart for the Hawks on a road trip (they managed just 30 points in the second half in Phoenix), burning out your starters becomes a needless expense.