Ronnie Brewer out indefinitely with torn hamstring

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Ronnie Brewer’s not having the best week. He gets traded from a stable, top-seed contending team in Utah to a Grizzlies team that, while improved, is still trying to stay above .500. But at least he’ll get more playing time, as Memphis is wafer-thin and needs a player of exactly his caliber and mold, right?

Well, then Brewer was injured in his first game as a Grizzly, and the news isn’t good. Brewer tore his hamstring and is out indefinitely. It’s a really unfortunate development for Brewer and the Grizzlies. They need a wing defender, badly, and had invested a protected pick to get Brewer. And Brewer was finally in a position to get the playing time he’s earned. But then, things don’t always work out for the best, do they?

We’ll update you on Brewer’s status once it’s announced.