Al Thornton, another player on the block


thornton.jpgWhile we all tend to focus on the Caron Butlers and Amar’e Stoudemire trade talk, most of the actual talking involves players far less exciting or impactful on a team.

Like Al Thornton of the Clippers. You can get him in a package with Marcus Camby or Sebastian Telfair. Thornton has fallen out of favor with Clippers coaches (old and new) as well as the fans, although the real reason they want to move him is to have the money to go after a max free agent this summer. As if one would come to the Clippers, but that’s another issue.

Thornton has some skills. He can finish at the rim well, but he loves the midrange jumper, which he shoots at a pretty mediocre 35% (and has gotten worse at it this year). Still, he is scoring 10 points a game and has a spot as an NBA bench player, but are you really going to trade for him? Only if you want Camby but need him to make the numbers work.

Thornton is a restricted free agent next year, so it shouldn’t be expensive to keep him around. If you want.