Iverson likely to play in All-Star Game


iverson.jpgHe may have missed the last five Sixers games, but Iverson looks like a go for Sunday’s All-Star Game in Dallas.

Although he has missed the 76ers’ last five games, Allen Iverson is expected to start in Sunday’s All-Star Game, according to a source close to the 34-year-old guard…

The source also indicated that Iverson would address the media tomorrow in Dallas, the host city of the All-Star Game, and that Iverson intends to return to the Sixers after the all-star break, when they host the Miami Heat on Tuesday.

Iverson has a sick child and has been missing games to take care of her, with the team’s blessing.

The fans wanted to see him and voted Iverson as a starter in the East — I don’t get it, but people love Dancing With The Stars and I don’t get that either. For that reason, it’s good he plays. And it’s always been entertaining to watch AI play, even if you questioned whether his style made him a good teammate or not. Or if you wanted him on your team or not.

Iverson should play, and have a good time. He’s got some things to deal with upon his return to the team.