All-Star Weekend HORSE participants named


nba_durant_small.jpgIt’s one of the things we mere mortals can relate to in All-Star Weekend — a game of HORSE.

This year’s participants in the HORSE shootout will be the defending champion (and guy the league wants to hype) Kevin Durant, the Celtics Rajon Rondo, and the Kings popular rookie Omri Casspi.  

That, by the way, means no Monta Ellis. The guy everybody wanted to see in there, because he can hit shots from the tunnel. Or over the backboard. You know, the things we want to see in a HORSE competition, the things we try at the playground and look foolish doing so (except that 1 in 100 time we hit it, then we are Gods).

Casspi is in, well, frankly because he is marketable as the only Israeli player in the NBA. He’s got game, too, but more in the fundamentally solid and good teammate way, not a HORSE way. And if you want to knock Rondo out of the competition just hit a couple midrange jumpers.

Still should be fun. Just would have been more fun with Monta.