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Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks - Game One

Report: John Wall clashed with Wizards medical staff over initial wrist diagnosis


John Wall knew it was bad — he had broken his wrist on his left hand back in high school, so when he fell on it during Game 1 against the Hawks, he knew it was serious. From the Washington Post.

“I knew when I fell on it,” Wall said earlier this week. “You never know when you’ve got a lot of energy and power going down on the ground, so I thought I broke it. Kind of the same type of injury.”

Wall gutted out the rest of Game 1 and helped the Wizards earn an upset victory on the road. After that game X-rays came back negative and it was announced he had a sprain — but Wall wasn’t buying it. He knew it was something worse. That led to clashes with the Wizards medical staff, reports Michael Lee at the Post.

Wall refused to accept the initial diagnosis of a “real, real bad sprain” after X-rays immediately following the game were negative. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, Wall clashed with team medical staffers before sitting out Tuesday because he felt something more serious had caused his hand to explode. After a few days of confusion and concern, Wall got the confirmation of bone fractures that he never really wanted, leaving fans of the team with broken hearts.

Wizards coach Randy Whittman has since called this report a “flat out lie.”

Wall has been the second best player in the Eastern Conference playoffs this season. He’s also the focal point of the Wizards’ offense, and their best perimeter defender — this team is not close to the same without him. This is not the Clippers, who had another Top 10 NBA player to turn their offense over to; the Wizards are a much lesser team when Wall cannot play. And it’s hard to imagine him playing — a non-displaced fracture in his shooting hand kept Kawhi Leonard out more than three weeks this season.

And it’s hard to imagine him playing — a non-displaced fracture in his shooting hand kept Kawhi Leonard out more than three weeks this season. While this situation is different — this is Wall’s non-shooting hand — to play (even in a splint or support of some kind) is to risk a worsened injury that could be an issue for a year or more. It’s a risk-vs.-reward discussion, but with the guy you’re team is built around for the next several years you can only take on so much risk.

Paul Pierce sounds like a guy who plans to stay a Wizard this summmer

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks - Game Two

If he wants to, Paul Pierce can become a free agent this summer.

He has a player option on his contract. Opt in and he makes $5.5 million to stay in Washington, opt out and he can test the market for a forward who turns 38 next season but is still productive (11.9 points per game this season) and provides a level of leadership many contending teams covet.

He will not say what he plans to do this summer while the Wizards are still alive in the playoffs (something that could end sooner rather than later after the news about John Wall’s hand). But speaking to CSNWashington.com, he sounds like a guy who wants to stay in the nation’s capital one way or another.

“It’s been nothing but love from the time I got off the airplane in the summer,” Pierce told Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller about his time with the Wizards….

“I feel like even if it’s one year, two years, or three years I’m here, I feel like I’m going to have a relationship with these guys for a long, long time even after basketball,” Pierce said. “It seems like we connect, and I connected with the city.”

Nothing is ever for sure. With his age and accomplishments, what Pierce is playing for now is rings and he may survey the land and decide he is closer to that goal somewhere else right now. There isn’t a contender that wouldn’t welcome him in some role.

But he sure sounds like a guy who plans to stay put.

John Wall has five (!) non-displaced fractures in wrist and hand

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks - Game Two

John Wall went from leading the Wizards to a Game 1 win over the Hawks to expecting to play Game 2 to being a late scratch to…

Wizards release:

Wizards guard John Wall underwent multiple examinations yesterday that revealed five non-displaced fractures in his left wrist and hand.

Wall and the team are currently in consultation with multiple physicians and specialists to determine the best course of action and his playing status has yet to be determined.  Further updates will be provided as information becomes available.

Let’s hope that’s not as bad as it sounds, because it sounds really bad. Really bad.

Ramon Sessions played reasonably well while starting for Wall in Game 2, but Sessions can’t replicate Wall, especially defensively.

The Wizards still have a slight chance without Wall – emphasis on slight. Despite being tied 1-1 and not really playing well so far in the series, the Hawks appear to be in the driver’s seat now.