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Dwight Howard

Orlando fans make a music video asking Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando

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I’ll let Page 2’s Patrick Dorsey explain this video:

On Friday we made the case for Orlando as a suitable metropolis for Magic center Dwight Howard, and included a video from local musician Jeff Wilson and the Orlando Sentinel.

Now we have an updated version of the video, from local lawyer/superfan Dennis Salvagio, a.k.a. The Fat Guy, with singers and supporters all saying “Let’s Fight for Dwight.”

In the summer of 2010, Cleveland fans made a similar video, “We Are LeBron” in an attempt to get LeBron James to stay in Cleveland. The video included the Governor of Ohio, members of the “Dawg Pound,” former Real World DC cast member Erika Wasilewski, investigative reporter Carl Monday, and a local weatherman. LeBron James ultimately did not re-sign with the Cavaliers. Hopefully, things will go differently for the Magic fans that made this video than the Cavalier fans that made that one.

Video: A Tribute to JaVale McGee

JaVale Planking Freezer

JaVale McGee is a 24-year old center for the Washington Wizards. McGee is 7 feet tall, has a 7-6 reach, can run the court like a deer, and jump out of the gym. McGee is currently 2nd in the league in the league in blocked shots, and is capable of dunking from just about anywhere on the court. Unfortunately, JaVale’s basketball IQ is officially listed as “pineapples.”

Deadspin’s Connor Hastings has tracked down a tribute video to McGee, which includes clips of McGee’s most amazing on-court moments, which include insane blocks, wacky goaltends, a horribly failed free-throw dunk attempt when his team was getting blown out, a successful self alley-oop when his team was trailing in a close game, running back on defense when his team still had the ball, and other moments of sheer basketball insanity, both good and bad. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing McGee at this year’s dunk contest, but at least we have this video. Happy All-Star Friday, everyone.

Friday video: Happy Birthday, MJ. Thanks for the dunks.

Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan, who really should need no introduction, turns 49 years old today. To commemorate that and the upcoming Slam Dunk Contest, here’s a highlight video of 3 of Jordan’s Slam Dunk Contest Performances — his duels with Dominique “The Human Highlight Film” Wilkins, one of which he won and one of which he lost, and his win over Jerome Kersey the year ‘Nique was injured.

All three contests feature Jordan taking off from the free-throw line, and the first contest features him doing it while wearing some gold chains. These dunks probably wouldn’t score high in next Saturday’s contest, but something tells me that Chase Budinger and Iman Shumpert aren’t going to generate the kind of electricity and buzz than MJ and ‘Nique did in their classic late-80s dunk-offs.