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Sixers accidentally put Bo Outlaw, not Travis, on their roster page


On Monday, the New York Knicks traded journeyman forward Travis Outlaw to the Philadelphia 76ers for little-used third-year big man Arnett Moultrie. Following the trade, the Sixers updated the roster page on their website to show a picture of their newest player.

One problem: They posted the wrong guy. Rather than Travis Outlaw, they updated their roster to include a picture of Bo Outlaw, whom you may remember from the turn-of-the-century Orlando Magic. Bo Outlaw is 43 years old and retired from the NBA in 2008.

Here’s a screenshot, via SB Nation:



There are two equally sad pieces to this story:

1. Bo, at age 43 and seven years into retirement, could very well be a better player than Travis.

2. Even still, Travis would still probably be one of the five best players on a historically awful Sixers team.

It doesn’t matter regardless, because the Sixers waived Outlaw immediately following the trade. Probably because he was too good. Which is sad, because Travis Outlaw hasn’t been a relevant NBA player since 2009.


Report: Knicks reconsidering, now leaning toward declining Shane Larkin’s option

DeMar DeRozan, Shane Larkin

The Knicks planned to exercise Shane Larkin’s team option for 2015-16, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Apparently, they never made the move official.

I’m not sure what changed in the last 10 days. Waiving Travis Outlaw doesn’t affect New York’s 2015 cap space.

I think the Knicks should exercise the Larkin’s third-year option, though it’s a close call. New York is obviously wary of cutting at all into its 2015 cap room, because Larkin’s salary – $1,675,320 – isn’t much, and if he’s cleared from the roster, a $525,093 roster charge would replace him.

I think it’s more likely than not the 22-year-old Larkin rebounds from an underwhelming rookie year with the Mavericks to the point the Knicks could give him away without a sweetener next summer if necessary. But that’s hardly a given, and there is definitely logic to declining the option and ensuring New York maximizes its cap space.

Given their market, the Knicks have a different strategy than most teams in balancing developing youth and acquiring veteran free agents. It’s an equation that nudges the needle a little closer to declining Larkin’s option.

Report: Knicks to trade Travis Outlaw to Sixers for Arnett Moultrie

Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks

Travis Outlaw couldn’t stick in Sacramento last season (they were nearly four points worse per 100 possessions when he played) and after getting a look at him in training camp the Knicks decided they might just cut him loose and keep undrafted rookie Travis Wear.

Except the Knicks found a taker in a trade — the Philadelphia 76ers. A team that has no use for Outlaw either and will soon cut him free.

Marc Stein of ESPN broke the news.

UPDATE: New York acquired then instantly waived Arnett Moultrie. He could be destined for their D-League team.

The Knicks have Quincy Acy up front, he will get the minutes that it seemed Outlaw might get before camp opened.

Moultrie is unquestionably athletic but after a nice rookie season took a huge step back last season following ankle injuries. He had conditioning issues (and missed five games for a drug suspension last season) but looked a little better in the preseason, putting up solid lines. That was not enough.

What does Philadelphia get out of this? Picks. Sam Hinkie is still hoarding picks. And they get worse on the court. They have no real use for Outlaw, they are going to give frontline minutes to Nerlens Noel, Henry Sims, Malcolm Thomas (who they like) and Brandon Davies.

It’s not likely Outlaw — a stretch four who is a negative on both ends of the court at this point (although he can hit some threes) — will land another deal.