Poll: What team helped itself the most with trades?


For weeks leading up, everyone we talked to was telling us it was going to be a quiet trade deadline. The new CBA coming, the bottleneck caused by the Carmelo Anthony deal, there were a bunch of reasons nothing much was going to happen.

Then BOOM!

With the force of a Blake Griffin dunk the trade floodgates opened and moves were happening faster than you could keep up with. Big names, key players.

So tell us: Who got the best of it? Who was the trade deadline winner?


Hawks trade for Kirk Hinrich


Multiple sources are reporting that the Atlanta Hawks have agreed to trade Mike Bibby, Mo Evans, rookie Jordan Crawford, and a #1 pick to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong.

This deal fills an obvious need for the Hawks. Mike Bibby is still a sharpshooter, but he has contributed in few other ways this season. His defense has always been an issue, he’s shooting worse on two-point shots than he is on three-pointers, and he’s averaged only 3.6 assists per game.

Hinrich isn’t a top point guard in the league, and he never quite lived up to the promise he showed during the 06-07 season, but he is the epitome of a solid guard. He plays good defense, can knock down the open shot, and is a quality passer who doesn’t make many mistakes. This certainly isn’t the biggest trade of the day, but the Hawks did get a much-needed upgrade at the point guard spot.

Toronto trades first-round pick for James Johnson


According to Ric Bucher and Nick Fridell of ESPN, the Toronto Raptors have acquired Chicago Bulls forward James Johnson in exchange for the Miami Heat’s 2011 first-round pick, which the Raptors owned.

On the surface, this trade looks like a huge win for the Bulls. James Johnson is young and athletic, but he can’t shoot, his playmaking skills are limited, and he was barely getting minutes for the Bulls. Miami’s pick will likely be very late in the first round, and this is supposed to be an extremely weak draft, but there’s always the chance of grabbing a Landry Fields, Kyle Korver, Marcus Thornton with a later pick, and sometimes teams hit home runs with a player like Michael Redd, Gilbert Arenas, or Manu Ginobili.

Since Toronto already has plenty of wing players, this deal doesn’t appear to make a lot of sense for them, but they apparently believe in Johnson, and this is a very weak draft. We’ll see if this move pays off for the Raptors.

Report: Bobcats actively shopping Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson


Well, someone is going to get traded besides Carmelo Anthony. We swear.

If the Bobcats have their way one of their two best players — Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace — will be one of the people getting moved, according to a tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo.

Charlotte’s active in talks to move Gerald Wallace and/or Stephen Jackson, league execs say. Houston, Portland, others w/ eye on Wallace.

There should be interest in Wallace, he is a quality three guard who can defend and shoot the rock. His shooting numbers are down this season — 15.6 points per game on 43 percent shooting — but that’s because he is getting to the rim less often and shooting more from 16 feet out. It’s the kind of thing that can be corrected, and depending on where he is traded he may not have to carry as much of the offensive load, improving his percentages. At least in theory.

Portland is an interesting destination for him, but the Bobcats likely would push for Nicolas Batum to be part of the deal, and the Trail Blazers have been loath to include the young French wing player in any deal. As they should — Batum is a keeper. Moving Batum to the Bobcats is especially foolish — Wallace is the better offensive player but he is also eight years older than Batum and more expensive. A package based around Rudy Fernandez and picks would make more sense to Portland.

What Charlotte wants in any deal right now is to save money. Michael Jordan is trying to keep his costs down heading into a new collective bargaining agreement. He’d love to get good young players. But right now, not a lot of teams are giving up quality players or cap flexibility.

Still, something to watch.

If Melo goes to Knicks, Nuggets and Nets may do deal anyway

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With all the talking the Nets and Nuggets have done in the last few months, it seems only just that they should do some kind of trade anyway.

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard (via twitter), the two sides would make a deal using the Knicks assets in a separate deal.

Sources say NJ in talks w/Den to send 2 1st round picks to Den for Mozgov & either Gallinari, Chandler or Felton, if Melo traded to NYK

This explains why the Nuggets are insistent that Timofey Mozgov be part of their Carmelo Anthony deal with the Knicks.

As much as the Nuggets coveted Favors, what always swung them to prefer the Nets offerings over the Knicks was the picks. Denver is going to be going into rebuilding mode, so the more first round picks the better (plus it helps keep costs down.

Anthony is expected to decide if he will sign an extension with the Nets today. Which is to say he is choosing where he wants to play by the end of the week.

But either way, look for Denver ad New Jersey to do a deal.