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Dwight Howard

Penny Hardaway part of Howard’s Orlando charity game

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Dwight Howard has some pull.

For his Nov. 13 charity game in Orlando Howard has brought in some big names to thrill the crowd — like Penny Hardaway. (That’s big Penny, not ‘lil Penny.) And some to remind them of old wounds — hello Vince Carter and Steve Francis.

The Orlando Sentinel has the lineups for the game and it is interesting.

(Howard’s manager Kevin) Samples said the D12 Foundation also has received commitments from Gilbert Arenas, Trevor Ariza, Carlos Arroyo, Matt Barnes, Brandon Bass, Earl Clark, Drew Gooden, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, Nelson, Jason and DeShawn Stevenson.

Those commitments are in addition to Ryan Anderson,Chris Duhon, Quentin Richardson and Daniel Orton, who have told the Orlando Sentinel directly or through their agents that they expect to play.

That should make for an entertaining show. Not as entertaining as an actual Orlando Magic game would be, although that team comes with its own set of challenges and heartbreaks.

Former NBA player manager admits theft, tax evasion

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It’s a challenge for NBA players — many come from backgrounds where they didn’t have money growing up, then suddenly at age 19 or so they have millions. They don’t always handle it well.

The smart ones bring in a financial manager. But what if that person is a crook?

The Washington Examiner tells the story of the former manager for Steve Francis and Ty Lawson, among other pro athletes, who is now headed to jail. (Via Eye On Basketball)

Nathan A. Peake, 41, of Silver Spring, admitted in federal court in the District that he didn’t file tax returns from 2000 through 2007 and diverted about $5.8 million in management and agent fees from his business to personal accounts.

He also admitted to misappropriating proceeds from a $3.5 million line of commercial credit that one of his athlete clients guaranteed and paid off.

In the end, you are responsible for you. And your money.

Or as Dave Navarro (and Agent Mulder) told us, “trust no one.”

Steve Francis accused of sexual assault

Steve Francis China

From the office of “unnecessarily depressing news” comes word from TMZ that former Houston Rockets guard Steve Francis is being charged with sexual assault.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Francis allegedly “groped” a 20-year-old woman through her clothing in May 2010 … and the woman immediately went to the cops to file a complaint.

The alleged victim tells TMZ … she is a singer who was signed to Steve’s record label and on the day of the alleged incident, she had met Steve at an office to discuss her contract.

via Steve Francis Accused of Sexual Assault | TMZ.com.

Francis most recently played in China, but has been doing… whatever it is Steve Francis does after playing basketball, which apparently includes running a record label. Francis’ allegations mark a relatively quiet start to the NBA offseason, especially considering, or maybe because of the lockout, as very few NBA players (current or former) have been in legal difficulties, relative to previous year.

The fact that the police have yet to pursue charges in over a year since the charge was filed by the woman doesn’t speak well of the case , but of course, without knowing the details, speculation is dangerous (as always).