NBA Finals Lakers Celtics Game 7: Lakers fans celebrate 17th title by being complete morons


Someone, you’ve got to explain it to me. 

Your team has just won its seventeenth title. You mock other teams’ passion, saying “Act like you’ve been there.” You rarely show up on time for home games, and chant for tacos. And you elect to react to your second consecutive championship by…
Flipping cars, throwing rocks at cops, and dragging people out of their cars and beating them?
Lakers fans, Ron Artest thinks you’re crazy. 
KCAL in Los Angeles is reporting on the madness, and has footage from their helicopters which caught the riots in LA outside the Staples center and across the City of Angels after the Lakers won their latest title.
The reports indicate people are throwing bricks and rocks at the police, burning and flipping cars, and in some instances, attacking people, pulling them out of their vehicles and “kicking them repeatedly.” There are reports of looting at a McDonalds and a gas station. The LA Times reports that 9 people have been arrested outside of Staples and the number is rising. 
Never underestimate the idiocy of people motivated by a Jack in the Box taco. 
We’ll keep you updated on the fallout from LA loving LA. 

NBA finals Lakers vs. Celtics Game 1: Top 5 celebrities from Game 1

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Rivers_Nicholson.jpgCity of Angels. Hollywood. Staples Center, where all the stars come out to play. And by play, we mean act like they have any concept of what’s going on on the floor, enjoying seats they paid inordinate amounts for just to be seen. And the Boston Herald has the run down. Here’s our list of the top five celebrities in attendance.

1. Chris Rock: Got yelled at by Phil Jackson. Messed around with Kobe. And even though he accidentally talked about Kobe being in a contract year despite his contract extension already being worked out, and the fact that he’s promoting a movie that features Paul Blart, Mall Cop (also in attendance), Rock stole the show tonight.

2. Charlize Theron: Why? Because she embodies the Lakers. Award winner. Classy. Elegant. And smoking hot. Not to get all “People” on you here, but the leather jacket, hair up look suited her, and at least she was cheering like a normal person.

3. Dustin Hoffman: A regular at Staples games, Hoffman gets a nod here for his kiss cam performance with Jason Bateman that had all the regular beatwriters in hysterics on Twitter and elsewhere. Not bad for a guy that did a movie as a drag queen a few decades ago.

4. Steven Spielberg: Because if he were in charge tonight, things would have been more exciting. Granted, Glen Davis would have turned into an orc pig and tried to eat Ron Artest, but hey, in Ron’s mind, that may have happened anyway.

5. Jack Nicholson: Come on, can I really put together any list without Jack? Rabid, intelligent, talking to the players? He’s as much a part of the NBA as anyone. Probably moreso than most of the Grizzlies’ roster at this point.

Honorable Mention: David Spade: For looking ridiculous and playing the sidekick to Chris Rock. It was like the 90’s came alive for a night and tried to eat us. I kept waiting to hear Soundgarden and start playing with pogs.