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Report: Clippers and Hornets agree in principle to Lance Stephenson trade


Earlier on Monday, multiple reports indicated that the Hornets and Clippers were discussing a trade that would send talented but erratic swingman Lance Stephenson to Los Angeles in exchange for Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes. Now, ESPN.com’s Marc Stein is reporting that the teams have agreed to the deal and it’s on track to get done tonight.

By all indications, there are no picks involved in the trade, just an agreement to swap one bad contract for another. This is a swing for the fences for the Clippers — if Stephenson pans out, he gives them a dynamic wing defender.

Report: Clippers and Hornets discussing Lance Stephenson trade

Lance Stephenson

At the trade deadline, the Hornets couldn’t give Lance Stephenson away. Their marquee signing of last offseason was a complete disaster when taken away from Indiana and Larry Bird, and they seemed to be stuck with the remaining year and $9 million in guaranteed money on his contract. Now, they might finally have a taker in the Clippers.

From Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

In a high-risk, high-reward move, the Los Angeles Clippers are discussing a deal with theCharlotte Hornets to acquire guard Lance Stephenson, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Clippers would send forwards Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes to the Hornets, sources said. Talks have been ongoing for several days, but the proposed deal is yet to be considered imminent.

The appeal in this trade for the Clippers is obvious. Hawes signed a four-year, $23 million contract last summer, killing the Clippers’ flexibility and barely cracking the rotation. They would love to get out of that long-term money. Bringing on Stephenson is an obvious risk. The Hornets hoped they would get the version of “Born Ready” that became an important wing defender and playmaker for the Pacers in the 2013 and 2014 playoffs, but his production fell off a cliff this year in Charlotte.

He would be a reclamation project for Doc Rivers, who would be banking on the idea that his reputation and championship pedigree will be enough to get the best out of Stephenson on the court while mitigating the off-the-court headaches that come with him. Part of the reason Stephenson was so successful in Indiana was the presence of Bird, and even the Pacers balked at the idea of giving him a long-term deal. But if the Clippers re-sign DeAndre Jordan to the five-year, $100-plus million contract he’s expected to command in free agency, they won’t have much room, if any, to add depth. If they can shed Hawes’ long-term money to take a one-year flier on Stephenson, whose 2016-17 salary is a team option, it’s worth a look.

For the Hornets, getting rid of Stephenson at all costs seems to be the objective here. Taking back Hawes isn’t deal, but he might be more productive in a different environment, and his salary isn’t completely untradeable if it doesn’t work out.

Rumor: Paul Pierce might opt out of contract with Wizards, join Clippers

Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards-Game Six

After his last game in Washington, with the Wizards eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks from these playoffs, Paul Pierce sounded like a guy ready to walk away.

“Truthfully, what was going through my mind is, I don’t have too much of these efforts left, if any,” Pierce said. “These rides throughout the NBA season, throughout the playoffs, are very emotional. They take a lot out of not only your body, but your mind, your spirit…. I don’t even know if I’m going to play basketball anymore,” Pierce said.

But maybe he will — on the other coast with another team that just can’t quite seem to live up to its promise.

Pierce to the Clippers rumors have floated around the league for a while, and David Aldridge at NBA.com brought it up in his column Monday.

Washington’s main issue is complacency. The Wizards could stand pat if Pierce decides to return to D.C. next season rather than opt out of his deal, but many around the league believe Pierce will do just that and finish his career back home in Los Angeles with the Clippers.

The point Aldridge is making is a good one: The Wizards need a long term answer at the three. Pierce enjoyed his time in the city and may, once things settle down, decide to stay put. He spoke glowingly of his teammates there and the city.

Doc Rivers had the chance to go after Pierce last summer but decided to give his full mid-level exception to Spencer Hawes instead. You can bet he’d like that one over.

And he may get the chance. One-year deal and the Clippers get some needed depth at the three and a veteran voice? At an affordable price, it makes sense.

If Pierce wants to go through one more run.