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Tyreke Evans has no idea who Sergio Rodriguez is


Sergio Rodriguez played in 39 games for the Sacramento Kings, averaging 13.3 minutes and 6.0 points per game. Basketballvalue.com confirms that Tyreke Evans and Rodriguez were, at times, on the court together.

As you see in the video below, apparently Rodriguez didn’t make much of an impression during his brief time on the court together with Tyreke. Or while he was in the game and Evans was on the bench. Or in practice. Or in the locker room. Or on the team plane. Seriously, how is this possible? Maybe Tyreke came up with a nickname for Sergio that was so good that he never really felt the need to learn his real name.

Sergio Rodriguez signs deal with Real Madrid

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It’s official, Sergio Rodriguez is returning to Spain,

He has signed a deal with Real Madrid, if you can believe the official Real Madrid Web site. We tend to. This is a three-year deal, according to the site.

No shock here, Rodriguez has been unhappy and wanted to return across Atlantic and had been rumored for this move for a while. Rodriguez had been in the Spanish ABC league but came to America in 2006 and spent three years in Portland. The Knicks were not going to miss him that much, he was sharing space with Toney Douglas and the Knicks are high on Douglas.

Douglas may have to be the man — right now he is the Knicks point guard. And there are not a lot of good options out there on the free agent market. I suppose they were counting on LeBron to play that role, too.

Report: Sergio Rodriguez close to deal with Real Madrid

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According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Sergio Rodriguez is leaving the Knicks to return to Europe.

According to the report, he is very close to signing a three-year deal with the Spanish team for $1.5 million euros (about $1.8 million dollars) a year.

Think of this like the Josh Childress situation. The Knicks had the restricted free agent rights to Rodriguez and could make a qualifying offer, or other NBA teams could make an offer that the Knicks could match. But he can get certified by FIBA to play overseas. The Knicks, if they wanted, could extend the qualifying offer anyway just to keep his rights.

It has long been rumored that the unhappy Rodriguez wanted to return across Atlantic. Rodriguez had been in the ABC but came to America in 2006. He spent three seasons in Portland before bouncing between the Kings and Knicks this season. He played solidly with New York and might have been considered a good back up two guard, but Toney Douglas fills that role for the Knicks better.

So apparently Europe it is. Through the translation it’s a little tough to tell exactly where the deal is, but it looks pretty much done.