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Toronto Raptors v Sacramento Kings

Report: Kings not interested in trading DeMarcus Cousins


Despite the storied history of the Celtics franchise and the one owned by the Kings that is just as strong in a losing direction, the two teams find themselves in very similar situations.

While Boston indeed made the playoffs this season and the Kings were a far cry from doing so in the West, the Celtics finished the year six games under .500, and really aren’t any closer to contending for a title than Sacramento is.

The difference between the two teams is that the Kings have a legitimate All-Star player in DeMarcus Cousins, and while his attitude and demeanor have been somewhat horrific at times, his averages of 24.1 points 12.7 rebounds make him one of the games best big men from a talent perspective.

That explains the report that Boston would be interested in trading for Cousins. But at least at this point, the Kings have no desire to see their mercurial center play anywhere else.

From Bill Herenda of CSN Bay Area:

The Kings want to make a playoff run next season with DeMarcus Cousins as the centerpiece of the franchise, league sources told CSNCalifornia.com.

This was in response to a report earlier that the Celtics would dip into their vault of future first round draft picks and try to make a run at trading for Cousins this summer.

But just like Sacramento, Boston is not a place where All-Star caliber free agent talent willingly chooses to sign. The Celtics know this, and that’s why they’re doing the smart thing by trying to trade for an All-Star with multiple years left on his deal, someone they might be able to convince to re-up there by building a winning team around him.

The Kings hope to do exactly that, and even if they were potentially interested in dealing Cousins, they can drive the price up by putting it out there that they have zero interest in doing so.

Report: ‘Bank on’ Celtics trying to trade for DeMarcus Cousins

Boston Celtics v Sacramento Kings

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Celtics trying to trade for DeMarcus Cousins.

But this is a bit more definitive.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Will they open their war chest of future draft picks to try to pry DeMarcus Cousins away from the Sacramento via trade? The early word out there is: Bank on it.

The Celtics sure have a fetish for stars who accuse Boston’s current players of dirty play.

Cousins got ejected from a December game against the Celtics for throwing Marcus Smart to the floor, and the Kings center accused Smart of taking a cheap shot beforehand. More recently, of course, Kevin Love accused Kelly Olynyk of intentionally dislocating his shoulder.

That might hurt the Celtics’ chances of signing Love, who was once reportedly their top target – which leads to Cousins.

Celtics general manager Danny Ainge has said he’d ideally like to trade his treasure trove of first-round picks – up to 10 over the next four years – for veterans. I doubt Ainge would do that at any cost, but that route sure worked well last time with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen joining Paul Pierce in Boston.

Cousins isn’t ready to win like Garnett and Allen were, but he’s extremely talented and productive. Of course, for that reason, the Kings probably aren’t in a rush to trade him – even if George Karl says nobody is untradeable.

If Sacramento is willing to deal the center, though, Boston could put together a nice package of picks. Unfortunately, the Celtics’ most valuable player – Isaiah Thomas – probably would neither intrigue the Kings nor fit well with Cousins in Boston.

There are plenty of hurdles to clear before Cousins winds up with the Celtics. The biggest, by far, is getting the Kings on board. But, for whatever it’s worth, it seems the Celtics already are.

Coach Dwane Casey’s fate undecided as Raptors head into turbulent offseason

Toronto Raptors v Washington Wizards - Game Four

Change is coming to Toronto. A lot of change.

If you recall, going into the 2013-14 season the Raptors were a franchise and a roster GM Masai Ujiri was looking to reshape from top to bottom. Then he traded Rudy Gay to Sacramento and the Raptors took off and won the Atlantic Division behind Kyle Lowry’s brilliance. Rebuilding through the draft was on hold, the timetable got moved up. This past season (2014-15) the Raptors won the Atlantic Division again, but a sweep at the hands of the Wizards in the first round showed just how far this roster and franchise still needs to go.

Meaning there will be plenty of roster change this summer.

Will that start with coach Dwane Casey? The coach with a reputation for defense couldn’t get this team out of the bottom 10 on that end of the floor (23rd, allowing 104.8 points per 100 possessions). He’s a coach Ujiri inherited from the previous GM, but one Ujiri gave an extension to. Will Casey be back next season?

Ujiri said he didn’t even know. From Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun.

Well, that’s vague. But it sounds like he’s leaning toward keeping Casey. Which is what Marc Stein of ESPN said he had heard.

Initial indications, though, suggest that Casey will indeed be back next season, according to the latest whispers on the Toronto grapevine….

The Raptors, for all their undeniable financial resources, also happen to be investing in a new practice facility, as well as their own D-League franchise, and presumably would not love the idea of absorbing the remaining money on the coach’s contract if there was a sudden clamor to make a change.

Expect to see a lot of roster turnover in Toronto.

If they are going to play Lowry and DeMar DeRozan together — especially with Jonas Valanciunas — then they need some rim protection at the four, plus a good “3&D” guy for the wing. They need depth. I doubt anyone on that roster is safe if the right deal comes along.

With that new roster, Casey will start the season with his seat already a little warm.