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Oklahoma City Thunder v Indiana Pacers

Russell Westbrook drops career-high 54 points on Pacers in loss (VIDEO)


If Oklahoma City misses the playoffs, it will not be for a lack of Russell Westbrook’s effort.

The MVP-candidate point guard did everything he could — he was even efficient early, scoring or assisting on 30 of the first 32 points the Thunder scored. He struggled some as the game went on but he still put up a career-best 54 points.

It wasn’t enough; the Pacers won and due to a technical foul on Westbrook — his 16th — the Thunder could be in a lot of trouble.  Still, the Thunder aren’t here without Westbrook’s nights like this (and the string of triple-doubles).

Russell Westbrook picks up 16th technical foul, will be suspended Monday if not rescinded

Oklahoma City Thunder v Indiana Pacers

Russell Westbrook scored a career-high 54 points on Sunday trying desperately keep the Oklahoma City Thunder’s playoff chances alive — still OKC lost to Indiana 116-104. That leaves them tied with New Orleans for the final playoff spot in the West with two games to go (New Orleans has the tie breaker).

But Westbrook may also have killed OKC’s playoff dreams in the same game.

Above is the video of a technical handed out by Ed Malloy — that was Westbrook’s league-leading 16th of the season.

Sixteen is the magic threshold — it comes with an automatic one-game suspension. If this technical is not rescinded by the league, Westbrook will sit out Monday night when the Thunder play the Trail Blazers. This Thunder offense would be lost without Westbrook.

I think Ed Malloy was in the wrong here — that shouldn’t have been a technical foul. Granted, I don’t know what was said. Still, it’s the last six minutes of a game late in the season with serious playoff implications; you have to let the players vent a little. Westbrook wasn’t demonstrative or showing up Malloy, he was just emotional. As a player should be in that situation. If Malloy had warned Westbrook and he continued that would be one thing, but there was no warning here.

Kevin Durant more than agrees with me.

Scott Brooks believes this one will get called back by the league.

We will see. If not, and if as one would expect the Thunder lose Monday night to Portland without Westbrook, their playoff hopes would be incredibly dim. The Pelicans play the lowly Timberwolves Monday and a New Orleans win and OKC loss would give New Orleans the final playoff spot.

Stephen Curry says James Harden “might have been a little aggressive” with MVP comments. Really?

Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors

This is the time of year everyone seems to be campaigning for the MVP Award. LeBron James would vote for himself. Kevin Love would vote for Russell Westbrook. Mark Jackson would vote for James Harden.

James Harden would vote for himself, as well.

Somehow Harden saying that rubbed Curry the wrong way, reports Monte Poole CSNBayArea.com.

Informed of Harden’s comments after leading the Warriors to a 116-105 win over the Blazers, Curry merely shrugged as he strolled toward the trainer’s room.

“Ahh . . . that might have been a little aggressive,” the point guard told CSN Bay Area.


First off, on the Dan Patrick Show Curry admitted he would vote for himself if he could (Curry said if he couldn’t vote for himself he’d vote for LeBron). How is that different than Harden?

And if that’s not over the top, what about the PR staff for the Warriors personally calling all 177 media members with award votes to campaign for Curry? (Only 125 have MVP votes, broken out by region.) That’s happening according to the report. Is that not aggressive?

Everyone is campaigning for their guy, Curry and the Warriors are no exception. Own up to it.