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Which shoe is uglier: Wall’s new Zig or LeBron 8 in denim?


I’m no shoe expert — heck, I once ran a blog sponsored by PONY and still have some in my closet — but, to borrow a phrase from the art world, I know what I like.

And I don’t like these.

Below are two shots of new shoes. The first is John Wall’s new Reebok Zig Encore. Ben over at Eye on Basketball asked the right question: Does Reebok really like this technology and look, or have they invested so much they refuse to fold and move on?


Now we have the Nike LeBron 8 in denim. Yes Denim. (Via I am a GM and Modern-Noteriety)


Now for the big question: Which is uglier? As much as I don’t want to wear the Zigs, I’d rather be seen in those than denim Nikes. But it’s close. What do you think?

John Wall's first commercial

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Didn’t take long — he isn’t even the No. 1 pick. Yet. But Reebok has it’s first John Wall commercial out. Complete with the John Wall dance. Expect a lot more of these as Reebok tries to use Wall to springboard back into the basketball shoe market in a meaningful way.

John Wall signs shoe deal with Reebok


Thumbnail image for jwall.jpgJohn Wall is determined to carve his own path.

He did not follow the pied piper that is William Wesley to his preferred agents. He did not follow LeBron James to his marketing agency.

And now he’s not going with Nike for his shoe deal. Or even Adidas.

Wall has agreed to a deal with Reebok, something Wall himself announced on twitter. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski had the details — five year, $25 million deal. Pretty healthy contract in this economy for a guy who has yet to play in the NBA. That said Wall is very marketable, very personable, and he can ball. Reebok may have gotten a real star.

Reebok is owned by Adidas, but as we have detailed before it has fallen off the NBA radar as a brand in and of itself. This could be the beginning of a change – Reebok now has a real up-and-coming star to market itself around.