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Philadelphia 76ers v Sacramento Kings

76ers get Nik Stauskas, first-rounder in salary-dump trade with Kings


Update: Zach Lowe of Grantland:

This initially looked like a good trade for the 76ers. It’s actually a great trade for the 76ers.

We’ll see just how great once we learn the protections, but in one form or another, Philadelphia wins.


Brett Brown once thought the 76ers would draft Andrew Wiggins and Nik Stauskas and get good.

Instead, Philadelphia wound up with Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, neither of whom played for the team last season.

Better late than never, the 76ers are getting Stauskas. It just took taking Jason Thompson and Carl Landry as a penalty.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Landry is owed $6.5 million each of the next two seasons. A trade kicker will lift Thompson’s salary to $6,752,813 next season, and $2,650,000 of his $6,825,000 salary in 2016-17 is guaranteed.

Sacramento definitely wanted to dump those two, and Philadelphia had room to take them with minimal inconvenience. But the 76ers weren’t doing it just to be nice. They wanted Stauskas.

And the Kings wanted cap space.

Depending exactly where the salary cap falls, they could be looking at up to $25 million in space. They’ve been linked to Rajon Rondo and Monta Ellis in free agency. They could also trade for Eric Bledsoe, which would help the Suns clear space to sign LaMarcus Aldridge.

The potential definitely exists for Sacramento to significantly upgrade its roster around DeMarcus Cousins.

Of course, this being the Kings, expect them to just increase their offer to Rondo or something silly like that.

Damian Lillard tweets at LaMarcus Aldridge, urging him to re-sign with Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge reportedly planned to meet with seven teams in free agency – Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, Mavericks, Suns, Raptors and Knicks.

But don’t forget about the Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard wants to make sure Aldridge doesn’t forget about the Trail Blazers.

Aldridge has made no secret about his desire to explore the market. Considering he once emphasized his loyalty to the Trail Blazers and now no longer does, that doesn’t bode well for Portland.

But never count out the team that can offer the most money.

The Trail Blazers could pay Aldridge about $3.4 million more than anyone else over the next four years plus tack on a fifth season worth about $25 million. Or, if Aldridge prefers, he could sign a one-year contract (presumably with a player option for year two) and re-ink in 2016 – right when he qualifies for a higher max contract with 10 years of experience and the salary cap skyrockets. That would also give him the flexibility to leave Portland then, too.

A one-year contract elsewhere now wouldn’t allow his new team to give him his full max in 2016 without using cap space. So, the one-year route makes most sense through re-signing, though that’s not mandatory.

Essentially, if Aldridge is unsure of his plan, returning to Portland on a short-term deal makes a lot of sense. It might even make sense on a long-term deal. He has achieved plenty of success there, and he has teammates who seem to support him.

Report: LaMarcus Aldridge rules out Lakers in free agent decision

LaMarcus Aldridge

As LaMarcus Aldridge continues his free agency tour, he’s already ruled out the team that had the first crack at wooing him. The Los Angeles Times‘ Mike Bresnahan reports that Aldridge didn’t click with Kobe Bryant during their midnight meeting, and he was unimpressed with the on-court potential of the Lakers’ roster.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski adds that the Lakers’ pitch went a little heavy on off-the-court opportunities for Aldridge’s liking:

It’s hard to blame Aldridge if these are his priorities. Portland can offer him more money than anybody else, so the entire reason he would leave in the first place is to go to a team that has a better shot at contending. The Lakers are, well, not that. Not now, anyway. Aldridge has also never been the kind of guy who courts the spotlight or has seemed attracted to a big market for a big market’s sake, so a pitch centered around that aspect of the Lakers wouldn’t be that effective with him. Multiple reports say he’s still going to take the rest of his scheduled meetings before deciding, but the smart money is on San Antonio at this point. They have the money after trading Tiago Splitter, and he will not find a better basketball situation anywhere.