Report: Sixers sign Turkish big man Furkan Aldemir to four-year deal


The Philadelphia 76ers are the worst team in the NBA at 2-21. They aren’t trying to win this year, so they’re focusing on developing their young talent. Now, according to’s Marc Stein, you can add another name to that list of prospects: Turkish forward Furkan Aldemir.

Aldemir was the 53rd pick of the Clippers in the 2012 draft and is averaging 7.8 points and 6.2 rebounds per game in Euroleague this season. Check out his DraftExpress profile here.

$3 million per year is a lot of money for an unknown European rookie, but the Sixers are so far under the cap that it doesn’t matter. At this point, they’re just throwing whatever they can at the wall and hoping some of their young players turn out to be keepers. They’ve already seemingly hit on second-round pick K.J. McDaniels and waiver pickup Robert Covington. Maybe Aldemir will be another success

Mike Conley hits three to force OT, keys Grizzlies comeback win over Sixers (VIDEO)

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Mike Conley took over late — he has 16 fourth quarter points Saturday night keying Memphis’ comeback from 18 down on the road to force overtime against a feisty Philadelphia team (that has played improved ball the last couple weeks).

That takeover included a contested three at the end of regulation to force overtime. The drawn up play got the ball to Marc Gasol out above the arc, a shot he could hit, but Hollis Thompson read the play well and switched out to take away his shot. Gasol can’t create off the dribble out there so he threw it to Conley, who got himself enough space to get off the shot and force overtime.

In OT Conley added six more points, bringing him to a career high 36 as the Grizzlies escaped Philly with a win. And it was escaped, because for 42 minutes Memphis was terrible and Philadelphia was the better team, but Memphis had a better last 11. Down the stretch Conley owned Michael Carter-Williams and that was key.

Sixers coach Brett Brown not happy to lose Brandon Davies in trade with Nets


The trade between the Nets and the Sixers involving Andrei Kirilenko became official on Thursday, but since Kirilenko is expected to be waived by Philadelphia, the deal only exchanged Brandon Davies for Jorge Gutierrez, cash considerations, and low level future draft picks.

And Sixers coach Brett Brown is less than thrilled with how it all shook out.

While Philadelphia is tanking from a front office perspective this season, Brown liked what he was getting from Davies in practice on a day-to-day basis. He was sorry to see him go, and lamented the human side of these deals when speaking to reporters after the dust had settled.

From Dei Lynam of

“When you start losing people that you are very fond of and have tremendous respect for … there is a human side of it that bothers me because you are trying to grow chemistry, you are trying to grow a culture,” Brown said after Thursday’s practice.

“That takes a hit when teammates lose teammates. There is a respect, effort-wise, of how they go about their business. There is a reality to our job that is just business in the NBA, but it doesn’t mean it has to feel right.” …

“It is a tremendous challenge to keep the locker room together if they lose a teammate or friend. It is a tremendous challenge to have a semblance of order or purpose on offense or with rules on defense. It is just such a volatile situation at times.”

Davies isn’t exactly a household name, but he appeared in 20 of his team’s 21 games this season, and averaged 19 minutes per contest.

Brown’s challenge this season, more than anything, is to keep locker room spirits high amidst all of the losing. If Davies is as valued there as Brown makes it seem, his job just got that much harder, at least in the immediate future.

Nets sign free agent guard Darius Morris


The Brooklyn Nets made a money-saving trade on Thursday, shipping Andrei Kirilenko and Jorge Gutierrez to the Sixers for Brandon Davies and cash savings.

Now, the team has announced that they’ve signed three-year veteran Darius Morris.

Morris has played three seasons in the NBA—his first two with the Lakers and last season split between three teams: the Clippers, Sixers and Grizzlies. He has career averages of 3.7 points and 1.5 assists per game. He’s not really an impact player, but he’s probably the best they’d be able to do on the waiver wire looking for some backcourt help.

Andrei Kirilenko trade now official


The Nets agreed to trade Andre Andrei Kirilenko to the 76ers yesterday.

Now, the deal is official, and we know all the particulars.

76ers release:

The Philadelphia 76ers today announced they have completed a trade with the Brooklyn Nets in which the Sixers acquire veteran forward Andrei Kirilenko, the Nets second round pick in 2020, guard Jorge Gutierrez and cash considerations in exchange for forward Brandon Davies.  Additionally, the Sixers also receive the right to swap Cleveland’s second round pick in 2018 (which Philadelphia acquired during the offseason) with Brooklyn’s own second round pick that year.

In a related move, the Sixers waived Malcom Lee.

This trade will save the Nets $11,550,401 (Kirilenko’s $3,326,235 salary plus $8,224,166 in luxury-tax payments). If the Nets immediately waive Davies, whose salary is fully unguaranteed, they’d save an additional $3,756,413 ($3,165,664 in tax payments plus Davies’ remaining salary for the season of $590,749).

For the 76ers, the right to swap Cleveland’s pick rather than their own could be helpful. The 2018 draft is long way out, but considering the Cavaliers have essentially locked up LeBron James for the rest of his career – the way he framed his return, he can’t leave – they’re likely to remain good in four years. The Nets, on the other hand, are facing much more uncertainty.

Also, poor Malcolm Lee. Couldn’t even get his name spelled right in the official release sending him out the door.