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NBA All-Star Game 2015

Carmelo Anthony says he thought LaMarcus Aldridge would sign with Knicks, threw his headband when he found out how Knicks pitched Aldridge


LaMarcus Aldridge said he strongly considered the Knicks in free agency – until they asked him to play center to accommodate Kristaps Porzingis at power forward.

True? Maybe.

I still think Aldridge would have chosen the Spurs – who are better, play in his home state and play in a state without income tax. But it’s at least possible Aldridge would have chosen the Knicks if they pursued him as a power forward.

One person who believes New York could have gotten Aldridge with a power forward pitch: Carmelo Anthony.

Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News:

the Knicks forward learned only recently, through a conversation with Aldridge at Team USA training camp, why a meeting never happened. As the Daily News reported, the Knicks wanted Aldridge to play the unfamiliar position of center to free up minutes at power forward for rookie Kristaps Porzingis.

“I didn’t know that. When he told me that, I didn’t know that. I took my headband and threw it across. . . . I honestly didn’t know that,” Anthony said.

It should be noted that Anthony — who was in an exceptional mood during the two Team USA practices this week — was playful and smiling while recalling the headband toss. But his belief was sincere that Aldridge, who signed with San Antonio for $90 million, would’ve chosen New York.

“I think we could have gotten LaMarcus. I believe, the conversations me and him had, it was a big chance that he was going to end up in New York,” Anthony said. “So I don’t really know where the playing the center position came in. I know from when I was talking to him we had a greater shot of getting him.”

Again, I don’t believe this matters. I think Aldridge would have signed with the Spurs either way, and I think other teams – including the Suns – would have also appealed to him more than a Knicks team offering a power forward spot.

But for those who thought New York would lure Aldridge – apparently including Melo – this has to be infuriating to hear. It’s no secret Aldridge prefers not to play center. When he’s picking his team, that matters.

Melo has clearly stated he’s happy with the Knicks’ offseason and supports Phil Jackson. Whether Melo truly feels that way or is just toeing the company line, I don’t know.

Whether he’ll continue to say he’s happy with New York’s direction… I don’t know that, either.

Knicks have most favorable schedule for back-to-backs, Raptors least favorable

Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony called having fewer back-to-backs “the dream.”

The NBA fulfilled that dream, significantly reducing the number of back-to-backs in the 2015-16 schedule.

In fact, the league did Melo’s Knicks one better.

New York plays just 17 back-to-backs, tied for seventh-fewest in the NBA,. More significantly, the Knicks opponents are on a back-to-back a league-high 25 times.

That gives the Knicks an NBA-best +8 difference in back-to-backs.

On the other side, like the Knicks, the Raptors play 17 back-to-backs. But Toronto’s opponents are on back-to-backs just 10 times, giving the Raptors a league-worst -8 difference.

Here’s how every team stacks up, using data from NBAstuffer.com:


Team Back-to-backs Opponent back-to-backs Back-to-backs difference
New York 17 25 +8
Brooklyn 15 21 +6
Phoenix 14 19 +5
Oklahoma City 16 21 +5
Indiana 17 22 +5
Dallas 17 20 +3
New Orleans 17 20 +3
Portland 19 22 +3
San Antonio 17 19 +2
Chicago 17 18 +1
Utah 18 19 +1
Atlanta 19 20 +1
Orlando 19 20 +1
Washington 19 20 +1
Denver 16 16 0
Detroit 20 20 0
Houston 20 20 0
Milwaukee 20 20 0
Charlotte 16 15 -1
LA Lakers 18 17 -1
LA Clippers 20 19 -1
Minnesota 14 12 -2
Boston 19 16 -3
Miami 17 13 -4
Sacramento 19 15 -4
Cleveland 19 14 -5
Golden State 20 15 -5
Memphis 18 12 -6
Philadelphia 19 13 -6
Toronto 17 10 -7

Kudos to the NBA for reducing the number of back-to-backs. It’s important for preventing injuries and improving the level of play.

But the next step is equity.

The Knicks and Raptors play in the same division. They shouldn’t face such radically different schedules.

Blake Griffin, DeMarcus Cousins, Draymond Green teammates USA Basketball exhibition Thursday in Las Vegas

Blake Griffin

After what happened last year at the USA Basketball meaningless exhibition game in Las Vegas — the Paul George injury — nobody should be shocked that a lot of the big names you can expect to see playing in 2016 at the Rio Olympics begged out of the USA Basketball exhibition game at the end of traning camp on Thursday.

So few players wanted to take part a handful of guys who were not part of the regular camp had to be called in to play in the game.

Still, there’s some star power out there.

USA Basketball announced the rosters for the showcase, as reported by Sam Amick of the USA Today.

Blue Team (Monty Williams, coach):

Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal, DeMar DeRozan, Andre Drummond, Kenneth Faried, Rudy Gay, Amir Johnson, Victor Oladipo, and Elfrid Payton.

White Team (Tom Thibodeau, coach):

Arron Afflalo, Michael Carter-Williams, DeMarcus Cousins, Draymond Green, Blake Griffin, Terrance Jones, Kawhi Leonard, Mason Plumlee, Klay Thompson, C.J. Watson.

I’ll pick the White Team, for two reasons. First is, I like that roster better — Cousins on the inside, Green and Leonard playing defense, Griffin owning everyone, and Thompson shooting from somewhere out on the strip and knocking them down.

Then there is Tom Thibodeau — he’s got nothing else to do, he’s probably watched 12 hours of film prepping for this game.

Let’s just hope everyone stays healthy.