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Video: Kobe, Griffin, Rose pimp NBA 2K13


It’s not going to be easy to top NBA 2K12 and the throwback teams, but I’ll speak for all of us in saying I can’t wait to hear what is coming in NBA 2K13.

This new promo spot for the game doesn’t really tell us much about the game itself, but it does remind us that Blake Griffin if a funny man. I love that dry sense of humor. Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose almost smile during the ad. Almost.

Hat tip to I am a GM.

Michael Beasley thinks his NBA 2k12 rating is a bit on the …. high side.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Boston Celtics

Usually when an athlete hears about their video game rating, they think it’s absurdly low. After all, having that kind of ego is central to their ability to step up and make plays. Don’t get it confused, that’s not always a good thing, especially when it comes to Michael Beasley. (Clang.) But surprisingly, in an interview with IAmAGM.com where he acknowledged his little mush-face incident, he wasn’t upset with his 78 rating. In fact, he didn’t think it would be that… high. (Yeeaaaaaahhh.)

IamaGM.com: 2K12 ratings leaked early, you got a 78 how do you feel about that?

MB: That’s higher than I thought.

via Exclusive: Michael Beasley addresses the Dyckman Park incident | IamaGM.com.

Well, hey, Bease, glad you can be honest with yourself. Maybe think about that the next time you’ve got that 18 footer with two defenders closing and Kevin Love’s in the corner screaming “I’m open. I’m open. For the love of God, I’m open.” Just a thought. You know, thinking outside the box.

Video: Jordan, Cuban, Drake all pitch NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12

in just a few days NBA 2K12 hits the streets, and we are pumped. 2K11 just killed it, and this year you can play some of the best teams in NBA history.

Of course, who is the best is up for debate. Which is the point of this commercial where Michael Jordan and others make their case.

The best part? When rapper Drake argues for the current Heat and they cut to Mark Cuban, hugging the Larry O’Brien trophy and shaking his head.