PBT Thursday morning one liners


Kobe Bryant took a dig at LeBron James last summer. In a way that was very Kobe.

Stephon Marbury has advice for LeBron, too.

In case you haven’t seen the picture of Mark Cuban at a urinal holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy, here you go.

Talking about what Mark Cuban needs to do next, after that bathroom trip.

Greivis Vasquez and other sports stars are trying a little USA/Venezuela sports diplomacy. Good luck with that.

The next level of NBA statistics is to track player movement in space and be able to draw from that. What does that look like? Glad you asked.

A great breakdown of how Mike Brown’s offense with the Lakers may look, over at NBA Playbook (just bookmark the site, trust me).

Carmelo Anthony sold his home in Denver and took a $5.8 million loss on it. Ouch.

Warriors GM Larry Riley says that Andris Biedrins is healthy and will have a bounce back year next season. I am from Missouri on that one — show me.

New Bobcats GM has seen a team in this situation before, back in Seattle when he was there.

Discussing the NBA playoffs from a Buddhist perspective. (Via TrueHoop)


PBT Tuesday morning one liners

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An incredibly cool look at every NBA championship ring, from 1947 to 2010. If you click one link today, make it this one. (And why are you only clicking one link a day?)

Kobe Bryant is launching a new non-profit on Tuesday, aimed at reducing homelessness in Los Angeles. Great, much needed cause.

Anthony Toliver is spending today at clinics for youth in Joplin. Missouri. Another very good cause.

Fun look at the regular halftime acts around the NBA. I prefer quick change to Red Panda, personally.

Is Isiah Thomas’ influence with the Knicks overstated? Depends on who you ask, to tell you the truth.

Thomas is not getting a job as coach or anything else with the Detroit Pistons, either.

What is former sharpshooter Glen Rice up to now? MMA fight promoter. Of course.

Ian Mahinmi had a long, difficult course to the NBA. He’s a good story. Sunday night was not the highlight of that.

Shaquille O’Neal talks about his retirement.

Charles Barkley says Shaq is coming to television (which means somebody is losing their job).

Rule No. 1 for Kevin McHale in Houston? Win. Rule No. 2? Talk to the owner once a week.

PBT Monday Morning one liners

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At the end of Game 2 it was Chris Bosh on Dirk Nowitzki, at the end of Game 3 it was Udonis Haslem. The different outcomes are not all that simple, but it’s a big difference to start with.

Good on Ekpe Udoh, who has returned to Oklahoma to work with victims of recent tornadoes.

Denver’s coaching staff is traveling the globe right now trying to talk to their players before the lockout.

A couple of great posts looking into what the Lakers offense might look like under Mike Brown (he said he wanted to use elements of San Antonio’s offense during the Tim Duncan and David Robinson era).

Here is Mike Brown talking about what he is going to do as Lakers coach.

Through it all the Lakers left Brian Shaw out to dry.

Stephen Jackson is ready for next season to start tomorrow. Or at least once we finish this one.

Marcus Morris of Kansas among those working out for Golden State this week.

Kemba Walker will not be working out this week for Sacramento, going head-to-head with Jimmer Fredette.

A lot of people will be working out for the Washington Wizards this week.

Talking basketball adjustments and poker.

Would Shaq help the ABC/ESPN studio team?

PBT Thursday morning one liners

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The Knicks are taking a long look at BYU star Jimmer Fredette in a workout Thursday. He can score and would be a good fit in an up-and-down system like the Knicks run.

Here is Jimmer talking about Jimmer, and how he thinks he can defend at the NBA level. Scouts are not sold on that.

Here is a great breakdown of what the Heat did to the Mavericks zone defense in Game 1.

David Stern and Lakers owner Jerry Buss rain down praise on Shaq.

With Ricky Rubio coming in, Jonny Flynn may be the odd man out in the Timberwolves backcourt and may get traded.

Frank Vogel appears likely to keep the Indiana Pacers head coaching job, but Larry Bird is forcing him to hire seasoned assistants. On the list are Terry Porter and long-time Phil Jackson assistant Frank Hamblin.

Pau Gasol intends to play for Spain at the European Championships this summer.

Here is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar defending his letter to Scottie Pippen.

Jermaine O’Neal expects to avoid wrist surgery this summer and will be back with the Celtics next season. That’s one O’Neal.

Looking for another big man, the Celtics worked out a 6’11” Canadian football player. Hey, if Antonio Gates can go from basketball to football….

Amir Johnson of the Raptors will have ankle surgery Friday but is expected to be back for training camp.

PBT Wednesday morning one liners

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Whose were the first two jerseys retired by the Miami Heat? Michael Jordan and Dan Marino, of course.

Matt Barnes will pick up his $1.9 million option and remain with the Lakers next season.

The Golden State Warriors will meet with Spurs lead assistant Mike Budenholzer about their current head coaching vacancy. And he is a serious candidate.

When reporters entered the arena for Game 1 of the NBA finals, they saw Caron Butler practicing and working out. But he has not yet been cleared for contact.

Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti talking about the future of the team.

Boston College guard Reggie Jackson has been a sleeper climbing up draft boards, but he may be injured right now.

Who is the oldest team in the NBA playoffs? (Great illustrations here.)

Add Horrace Grant to the list of people that think Scottie Pippen was off about Jordan and LeBron James.

How did it really sink in with Joel Anthony how crazy the Heatmania would be? When Barbara Walters got a sit down with the president and in her limited time asked him about the Heat.

One of my favorite NBA writers, ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz, talks about moving to Miami to cover the Heat.

And here is why Arnovitz is one of my favorite writers, check out this profile of Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat coach.