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Orlando’s Andrew Nicholson hits jumper to force preseason OT vs. Heat (VIDEO)

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I’m not sure why we need overtime in the preseason, but Andrew Nicholson hit a baseline jumper with 0.2 seconds remaining on Tuesday to force the extra session against the Miami Heat.

Nicholson hit a wide open shot, thanks to a nice sideline out of bounds play that created enough motion for Miami’s Shawn Jones to get completely lost defensively.

The Magic held went on to win 108-101, and the only other thing of note from this one was that the rumor was true — Mario Chalmers was in fact benched in favor of Norris Cole at the point guard position in the Heat starting lineup.

[via Evan Dunlap at Orlando Pinstriped Post]

Nik Stauskas knows he’ll get attacked defensively because ‘I’m a rookie and I’m white’

Sacramento Kings v Toronto Raptors

I like how Nik Stauskas projects to the NBA.

He’s an elite 3-point shooter, and his complementary offensive skills are underrated. And I might be a little biased because I also attended the University of Michigan.

But not even I would have drafted Stauskas No. 8, which the Kings did.

Stauskas has flaws, namely his defense is lacking. Obviously, opponents will look to take advantage.

Stauskas, via James Jones of The Sacramento Bee

“I understand that I’m a rookie and I’m white, so people are going to attack me at all times,” he said. “Just coming out there in the game, I felt it right away.”

The biggest reason he’ll get attacked defensively? He’s not a good defender. That, far and away, is No. 1.

His reasons? There’s truth to them, too.

Rookies tend to struggle defensively. It can be tough to pick up NBA concepts and handle NBA athletes immediately. So, opponents will attack rookies until they earn the benefit of the doubt.

And Stauskas’ race, yeah, that gets noticed by opponents, too. It happens at all levels of basketball, including the NBA. White players are perceived to be worse, softer or whatever negative adjective you want to apply.

It would be great if we didn’t judge by race. That’s a good goal to strive toward. But if one element of black privilege is black basketball players are perceived to be better defenders, I just can’t get worked up by that. White privilege affects so many serious areas of our society, an overwhelming amount compared to whatever amount of back privilege exists.

White basketball players being perceived to be worse defenders clearly doesn’t influence other facets of life. On the other hand, America has a long history of mistreating those with African heritage. So when “African” gets used pejoratively about Luol Deng, that matters more. It’s reinforcing more troubling behavior.

So, to anyone significantly upset by what Stauskas said or the conditions that led him to saying it, I have one question: Is your outrage real or do you just believe you should care? If you’re legitimately outraged, great, you’re entitled. But I suspect that doesn’t apply to many.

Ray Allen’s agent says client has not signed with Cleveland, not even sure he will play this season

2014 NBA Finals - Practice Day And Media Availability

Rumors started flying out of Cleveland this morning — with apparently some local writer “confirming” it — that Ray Allen had signed with LeBron James and the Cavaliers and would soon join the team in training camp.


Not yet anyway.

My sources said there was nothing there as of this morning (hence no stories at PBT), something just a number of respected NBA writer also tweeted out. But internet rumors have more lives and improbably comebacks than Freddy Krueger. So now Allen’s agent Jim Tanner of Tandem Sports tweeted out this statement.

If Allen signs anywhere it will be with Cleveland, to chase a ring with LeBron.

But as far back as this summer I had heard Allen was undecided on whether he wanted to go through the grind again, and if he wanted to leave his Miami-based life and family to chase a third ring at age 39. He might, but it was far from a sure thing with a lot of factors he had to consider. Allen’s skills showed decline last season but he can still make the corner three like it’s a layup.

Don’t be shocked if Allen waits until mid-season, skipping the grind of training camp and games in 2014, jumping on board for the second half of the season and the playoffs. That option is certainly in front of him, he’s not coming back for the cash.