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Boston Celtics v Miami Heat

Danny Ainge thinks Ray Allen might wait until All-Star break to sign


What will Ray Allen do?

Nobody really seems to know.

But Celtics president Danny Ainge, whose team employed Allen for five years, might provide some insight.

Ainge on 98.5 the Sports Hub, as transcribed by A. Sherrod Blakely of CSN Boston:

“He may wait until All-Star break or January,” Ainge said. “And just see what teams are playing well, which teams are the healthiest and which team that he thinks that he might fit in, just in the style of play. With new coaches at some different places, he may just want to see how it unfolds before he makes a decision.”

Allen famously keeps himself in great shape. If he has continued his training regimen while a free agent, he’ll have no trouble adjusting if he signs late.

Why put himself through the tediousness of training camp, preseason and early regular season games? Why lock in with a team that might not play as well as expected?

It makes sense for Allen to wait.

Because Allen was not waived, the Feb. 28 deadline does not apply to him. He can sign anytime and join a playoff roster.

LeBron not ready for Cavaliers-Heat rivalry to kick into high gear

LeBron James

Chris Bosh said he hasn’t talked to LeBron James since the small forward left for the Cavaliers (though he later realized he had), and Bosh candidly explained the difficulties of playing next to LeBron.

Bosh just isn’t about making nice with LeBron right now.

As Bosh explained, via Chris Haynes of The Plain Dealer:

“I want to get people to understand that I’m a competitor,” Bosh said. “He’s on another team and I’d think he’ll understand that, I understand that, everybody else understands that. We have plenty of time to talk in the summer. That’s how it is now.”

On the other hand, LeBron has his own approach as the Cavaliers and Heat are set to meet in the preseason. LeBron, via Haynes:

“Nah, I’m a different guy. It’s just the preseason,” James said. “I’ll acknowledge those guys for sure [on Saturday]. I’m still cool with all those guys. I’m not that far into it right now as far as the competitive nature. It’s too early. If I put my mind into it right now, then I would be drained too fast. I don’t see it that way right now.”

Maybe Bosh and LeBron are just different people with different outlooks. Or maybe circumstance has led them to their differing mindsets.

Bosh and the Heat have far less room for error. Every regular-season game they lose means they’re further from home-court advantage in the playoffs – or even making the postseason.

LeBron’s Cavaliers are thinking about championships, playing all the way into June. Early slip-ups will have little effect on them.

Chris Bosh: ‘no hard feelings’ toward LeBron James

Miami Heat Media Day

Chris Bosh didn’t seem all that excited about the prospect of facing LeBron James in a preseason game in Brazil this weekend, and though his initial remarks on the matter may have seemed cold, Bosh wanted to make it clear that no personal animosity exists.

Bosh said he hadn’t spoken with LeBron since he left for Cleveland in free agency, but backtracked a bit on that Thursday, while stating matter-of-factly that his attitude toward James is strictly business.

From Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com:

“There’s no hard feelings or anything,” Bosh said after the Miami Heat practiced Thursday in advance of their preseason game against the Cavs on Saturday. “If we’re both trying to win, he’s against us, and that’s a matter of fact.” …

“He had a baby shower, and we sent him a gift for his daughter,” Bosh said. “Then training camp started, and that was about it.”

Clarifying comments he made Tuesday, Bosh said he did speak with James briefly at Dwyane Wade’s wedding Aug. 30.

“My time is backwards and everything, but we talked,” Bosh said. “I want people to understand I’m a competitor, and he’s on the other team. I think he’d understand that, and I understand that, and that’s how it is now.”

Bosh has been vocal this week on the subject, and despite his attempt at clarification, some may see his comments as thinly-veiled shots.

In addition to responding coldly when the topic of James has come up, he issued a warning of sorts to Kevin Love, essentially letting him know that the sacrifices he’ll need to make while playing alongside the game’s best player will be anything but easy.

Bosh will be expected to shoulder the bulk of the responsibility now that James has moved on, so maybe all of this is his way of gaining a new level of focus in advance of the challenge that lies ahead. But in light of all that’s happened, he does come across as being a bit salty about how things have played out.