Randy Foye nears agreement with Clippers

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Thumbnail image for Foye_Noah.jpgRandy Foye, who was let walk from the Washington Wizards, may be backing up Baron Davis for the Clippers next season.

Foye is expected to soon reach a deal with Los Angeles, according to Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times.

Backup point guard was a position the Clippers needed to fill after letting Steve Blake go down the hall at Staples Center to the Lakers. Foye (like Davis) is a scoring point. Except, while Davis can score with the best of them — when the mood hits him and Venus aligns with Mars — Foye is not a great scorer. He shot 41.9 percent last season with a true shooting percentage of 51.6 percent (think of TS% like points per shot attempt). Both are just a little below the league average.

What the Clippers really need is an attacking wing player, but Foye will not be that for Vinny Del Negro. Last year, Foye shot a little worse when playing the two guard role, but more importantly he got torched on defense — opposing twos shot 53 percent (eFG%) against him. It just wasn’t pretty.

No financial terms have leaked yet.

Luol Deng to the Clippers trade talks going on


deng.jpgRemember three years ago, when Kobe Bryant demanded to be traded from the Lakers, the team went through the motions of shopping him around and found a decent offer from the Chicago Bulls? That deal didn’t go through in part because the Bulls would not put Luol Deng into the package.

Oh, how times have changed.

Now Deng and the No. 17 pick are being offered to the Clippers for the No. 8 pick, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Why would the Bulls do it? To free up cap space to bring in a major free agent or two. It’s always about free agency with the Bulls.

Deng is due to make $11.3 million this season and is locked in for three years and $39 million beyond that. Plus the No. 17 pick will make $1.3 million this next season. Al-Farouq Aminu, the small forward likely to go at No.8, would command $2.1 million. Bottom line, the Bulls have $10.5 million off their roster (another $6 million or so and they could sign two max free agents).

The real question is do the Clippers want Deng. They need a dynamic wing player and Deng could be that guy. When he wants to be. But usually Deng is pretty happy to launch long jumpers (more than six attempts per game from 16 feet out to the arc last season) and not really rebound much. He is inconsistent — he is fully capable of putting up 20 efficient points and using his length to lock down players on the wing one night, then shooting 7 for 22 the next night and not seem into it on defense. When he drives the basket good things happen, but did we mention the love of the long two?

The Clippers staff needs to determine if Deng is $10.5 million better than the very athletic Aminu. Probably not. But who knows what the Clippers will think on any given situation.

Clippers coaching search on hold while they focus on free agents

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Thumbnail image for Clippers_logo.pngLeBron James has avoided being involved in any coaching decisions like they are the plague.

That will not deter the Clippers, who have put their coaching search on hold while they focus on pursuing James and other free agents, according to a note in the Milwaukee Journal Times.

“Put their coaching search on hold” is code for “a top free agent can choose his coach.” The Clippers deny this, but assuming the Clippers can walk and chew gum at the same time they should be able to conduct a coaching search and lure free agents at the same time.

It will be interesting to see what direction the Clippers go when they do get a coach. Do they go with a top assistant, like the Bucks Kelvin Sampson or the Mavericks’ Dwane Casey. Or, do they bring in a former NBA head coach like Byron Scott or Lawrence Frank.

It also will be interesting to see who ends up making the decision for the Clippers. There are just all sorts of questions there.