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Jerry Colangelo: I think LeBron James wants to be part of Team USA


LeBron James said he wanted to play in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Then, he reportedly leaned toward skipping them.

Next, he hoped to compete.

The last two checks have revealed indecision and indecision.

But USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo believes he has a read on LeBron’s plan.

Colangelo on SiriusXM (hat tip: James Herbert of CBSSports.com)

I think LeBron wants to be part of it.

The United States qualified for the 2016 Olympics by winning last year’s World Cup. So, the Americans don’t need LeBron for a qualifying tournament sooner.

But Colangelo has valued commitment to the program. If LeBron wants a roster spot, he’ll surely get one. Sometime, maybe soon though, he’ll have to affirm his desire to play.

LeBron James Twitter Q&A: NFL career, Kobe Bryant’s best play, Ronda Rousey and more

Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers

Tristan Thompson’s free agency was the most substantive issue LeBron James addressed, but the Cavaliers star answered several other questions in a Twitter chat yesterday.

The full transcript:

Who is still out there: Top 10 free agents still on the market

Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four

At this point in what has been a fast-moving summer, most teams are just rounding out the final couple spots on their rosters. The guys at the end of the bench who may not see much playing time once the season tips off. Yet, there are still a few interesting free agent targets still on the market — a couple at the top of the list who could play significant roles for the Cavaliers next season. But even farther down are solid, veteran reserves still trying to find a chair for next season before the music stops.

Here’s our updated list of the top 10 guys still on the market.

1) Tristan Thompson — The Cavaliers and Thompson are still haggling, but a deal will get done — because LeBron James wants a deal to get done. Thompson is a restricted free agent but neither of the teams with a lot of cap space — Philadelphia and Utah — will use it to make him a big offer. He doesn’t have a ton of leverage. Plus the Cavs are deep into the luxury tax now, so every dollar spent on Thompson comes with an additional price. Kevin Love got maxed out and Thompson saw what Draymond Green got, but he’s going to have to take less than those guys to get a deal done.

2) J.R. Smith — He likely regrets opting out of the $6.4 million in the final year of his deal because he is going to take a pay cut (and very likely be on a one-year deal). He is still expected to re-sign with the Cavaliers, with whom he met last week, in part because there is not a strong market for the classic volume scorer (those Lakers rumors that popped up online Tuesday were pure fantasy, LA is not interested).

3) Jason Terry — In the wake of the Ty Lawson trade it has been expected around the league Terry would reach a deal as a reserve in Houston, but that has yet to be finalized. In fact, the Rockets renounced their rights to him (he can still sign with Houston, the Rockets cannot offer more than any other team now, however). He may not defend much anymore, but he did shoot 39 percent from three last season.

4) Carlos Boozer — He’s much maligned by fans for his shortcomings (particularly on defense), but he still averaged 11.8 points a game shooting nearly 50 percent last season for the Lakers. As a scoring big off the bench who can run the pick-and-pop Boozer has value. The Mavericks, Knicks, and Rockets are reportedly interested.

5) Kevin Seraphin — A solid, traditional, backup big who thought there was a healthy market for him outside Washington where he played behind Marcin Gortat. Turns out not really. The Knicks, Lakers, and Wizards are reportedly still interested on some level.

6) Darrell Arthur — Denver is expected to re-sign him this week. He averaged 6.6 points a game last season for the Nuggets, plus he is a solid defender who plays a smart game. As a reserve at the four he makes a lot of sense.

7) Dorell Wright — The small forward shot 38 percent from three last season for Portland, but he played a limited role for that team. Coming off hand surgery, there hasn’t been much of a market for him.

8) Andre Miller — He had some early talks with the Sacramento Kings, but it seems unlikely he goes back to his friend George Karl after the Kings picked up Seth Curry. Miller is a high IQ, veteran reserve point guard that some team will eventually pick up, but the league is deep at that position, and there aren’t many openings.

9) Norris Cole — He’s a restricted free agent who may end up playing in New Orleans next season on the qualifying offer, and then will test the market again next summer. He played pretty well for the Pelicans at the end of last season (9.9 points a game, shot 38 percent from three) and would back up Jrue Holiday. There have been talks with the Sixers, but are they going to make an offer large enough that the Pelicans will not match it? Not likely.

10) JaVale McGee — Dallas reportedly has shown interest, and other teams may as well, but only if he can pass a physical and prove he’s healthy. His contract was bought out by the Sixers, so he’s getting paid anyway, will he be motivated?

LeBron James: ‘Of course’ Tristan Thompson will re-sign with Cavaliers

2015 NBA Finals - Game Four

Tristan Thompson was reportedly close to signing a five-year, $80 million contract with the Cavaliers.

Then, he wasn’t.

David Griffin said he expected Thompson would still re-sign, though the Cleveland general manager stressed patience.

LeBron James’ expectations have not changed.

The Cavaliers will probably re-sign Thompson for several reasons:

1. Thompson shares an agent, Rich Paul, with LeBron. Cleveland obviously wants to keep LeBron happy.

2. Thompson is far superior to any player the Cavs could sign instead. They won’t have cap room if they lose Thompson.

3. There are only a few teams that could approach the cap space necessary to sign Thompson. It’s unlikely any would, which incentivizes Thompson to agree to terms with Cleveland.

Thompson’s best leverage is probably the qualifying offer, which would put him back in Cleveland another year. The Cavaliers’ title window is open, so anything that keeps him in the short term provides value. But they’d probably be better off locking him up long-term, and that’s what I expect will happen.

Report: LeBron James OKs Mike Miller trade

2015 NBA Finals - Game Three

The last time one of LeBron James’ teams dumped his friend Mike Miller to save money – the Heat via amnesty – it bothered LeBron and contributed to his leaving.

Should the Cavaliers, who just sent Miller to the Trail Blazers in the Brendan Haywood trade, worry?

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

Including Miller in this trade was a pure salary dump, but at least Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert has gone out of his way to spend money in many other situations. In fact, this trade gives the Cavaliers a trade exception that could allow them to spend a lot more on this roster down the road.

That should keep LeBron happy.

For Miller, a few teams are interested. But it’s hard to see the 35-year-old carving out much of a role anywhere this season. He might have just hit that point in the aging curve.