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Flip Saunders: ‘Right now’ he’s planning on returning as Timberwolves head coach


Last month at the NBA Draft Lottery in New York City, Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor seemed uncertain when asked if Flip Saunders, who is also the team’s president of basketball operations, would once again be its head coach next season.

“It’s not definite,” Taylor said, after pausing for a few seconds when asked specifically about Saunders returning as head coach. “But in my mind, with the effort that he put in this year to bring this team along, it’s probably 90 percent. If he sees somebody and he changes his mind, he certainly could convince me. I think eventually I want a different coach, and I want him to be the GM. My guess is that he’ll go another year.”

Saunders himself, in an interview on NBC Sports Radio, seemed to indicate that it remains a fluid situation.

From SI.com:

Are you going to coach this team?

Saunders: “Right now I’m coaching the team. It’s a question everybody asks. It’s interesting, when I ended up coaching a year ago, it was the right thing to do at that time for the organization. We had the unknowns with Kevin Love, we would have pigeonholed ourselves if we took a veteran coach and maybe not have the flexibility to go as young as we did. Right now, the most important thing is to develop our young talent. We have done a pretty good job with our staff and organization moving in that direction. Until I feel we can get somebody who can move forward a little bit, we’ll [stay] where we’re at.”

Do you hear from coaching agents often?

Saunders: “Last year I probably talked to 12 coaches. A lot of people probably weren’t aware. I’m not one to advertise. I’ve done the same thing as far as numerous coaches this year. It might not be for right now, but it could be down the road. I’m constantly in the evaluation process for coaches.”

Saunders seems open to stepping back into a front-office only role. But with the Timberwolves at the beginning of a rebuilding process, he’s only going to do so if he can find what he feels to be a perfect fit from a coaching standpoint to lead this transition.

“Right now,” he sees himself as the team’s best option.

Report: Kevin Love to Boston this summer a longshot

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Three

We will start where we always start with these stories:

Kevin Love has said repeatedly he has no intention of leaving the Cavaliers this summer. There are more reasons for him to stay rather than leave at this point, and I’ve said from the start I’ve heard he will stay and expect him to do just that.

But the rumors will not die.

Boston has been home to those rumors since last summer when GM Danny Ainge was trying to make Love the Celtics’ big free agent move. But according to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald don’t expect to see Love in Celtics green next season even if he does opt out.

According to all sources, Danny Ainge still has affection for Love, but it’s not nearly the borderline obsession that was in play last summer….

The idea last year was to try to pair Love and (Rajon) Rondo, giving the Celts a solid two-All-Star base around which to build and presenting Rondo with a reason to stay when he reached free agency this summer. So, as we noted even before the Timberwolves got their deal, no Love meant no Rondo….

And from all indications, Love is not seen as a foundational player upon whom to build. Further, sources say his knee issues are bound to have an impact on his basketball longevity and effectiveness.


There are going to be some interesting questions down the line for the Cavaliers and Love, especially with the emergence of Tristan Thompson in these playoffs as a valuable part of the front line. But those are down the line.

In the short term, don’t expect Love in Boston. Or anywhere else that is not Cleveland.



Rumor: LaMarcus Aldridge visits Boston


Remember last summer, when Kevin Love was spotted in Boston hanging out with Rajon Rondo and going to Red Sox games, which clearly indicated that he was going to play for the Celtics in the near future? Well, we might have a similar situation on our hands with arguably the top player available in free agency this summer, LaMarcus Aldridge.

Via Red’s Army, Aldridge was recently spotted in Boston’s Logan International Airport. Someone even got a photo, which you can see here.

This photo and Aldridge’s visit likely mean nothing, but the idea of Aldridge signing with the Celtics makes a lot of sense if he decides to leave Portland. He’d be going to the Eastern Conference, meaning he’ll have a much easier path to the playoffs than battling through the tough West. He’d indisputably be the face of the franchise, a title he’s had to share his whole career with either Brandon Roy or Damian Lillard. Boston needs a big man badly, and they’ll have max cap space. They’re a team on the upswing, having made the playoffs this season with a promising rookie guard in Marcus Smart and a highly regarded coach in Brad Stevens.

The team that has most often been linked to Aldridge as he prepares for free agency is the Spurs, and it’s hard to top their organization and track record. But that space won’t be open unless Tim Duncan retires, which is far from a sure thing. If Aldridge looks to leave the Blazers, Boston will definitely be a player.