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J.J. Hickson signs to play in Israel during lockout


You are not going to see a flood of NBA stars headed overseas now that the lockout has gotten ugly. Players talk about it, but most teams have full rosters and the NBA players that have gone overseas have struggled to adjust. Teams are not going to pay big money to NBA guys if they think they can get similar production a lot cheaper.

But there will be some exceptions. Enter J.J. Hickson of the Sacramento Kings, who has signed to play for Bnei Hasharon of Israel until the lockout ends, reports SBN. Hickson will replace (and is an upgrade for) the Wizards Trevor Booker, who got injured playing for the team and will be out a few weeks.

The Kings have big plans for Hickson, whose athleticism at the forward spot with the other young talent in Sacramento — Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins — could be interesting to watch develop. You know, if we ever have a season.

Video: Best plays from week one of Vegas Impact series

Los Angeles Clippers v Cleveland Cavaliers

Part of next week I’m going to be out in Vegas for the end of the Impact Competitive Training Series, what has affectionately become known as the “lockout league.”

But for now, I’m like the rest of you basketball junkies, trying to get my fix with highlights and EuroBasket streams.

Here are the highlights from week one, compiled by BallisLife.com. Kings fans are going to love them some J.J. Hickson in this one.

Video: Watch J.J. Hickson throw it down at Impact series

2008 NBA Rookie Portraits
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In what has largely been an entertaining pickup game at the Impact Compeititve Basketball Series in Las Vegas, just about nobody has been more entertaining than J.J. Hickson.

The guy plays above the rim. Kings fans drool thinking about him on the wings of the break with Tyreke Evans running the show and DeMarcus Cousins as the trailer. (Hopefully they get to see that sooner rather than later.)

Here’s an example of Hickson making a poster Tuesday night. Hat tip to SLAM for the video find.