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Report: Jeff Green opting in with Grizzlies for $9.2 million


When the Grizzlies traded for Jeff Green in January, there was concern Memphis would get only a half-season rental.

Green had a $9.2 million player option for next season, and it seemed reasonably likely he’d opt out. After all, the Celtics dealt him because they didn’t want to risk losing him for nothing.

But Green underwhelmed – especially in the playoffs, where he shot 33% from the field and 22% from beyond the arc and produced a PER of 7.9. Why did Memphis buck my prediction model and beat the Trail Blazers in the first round? The biggest reason was Dave Joerger pulling Green from the starting lineup.

As Green’s stock fell, the equation turned. The Grizzlies shouldn’t have feared losing Green after the season. They should have wanted him to opt out.

Alas, Green could see the same math.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

If Green opted out, the Grizzlies could have had about $8.5 million in cap room in addition to re-signing Marc Gasol to a max contract.

As it stands, the only way they’ll have cap room now is if Gasol leaves or they trade other players. They’ll still have the $5,464,000 mid-level exception, but so will many other teams. That cap room would have provided an edge.

On the bright side, hope is far from lost with Green. He’s still talented, and at 29 this summer, he shouldn’t be in rapid decline. The Grizzlies might still emerge from this with a decent-enough starting small forward, though they certainly shouldn’t count on having one.

For Green, he misses a good chance to hit free agency while he’s still generally accepted to be in his prime. But after last season, he had no real choice. At least he’ll be trying again when the salary cap spikes.

Tony Allen says he’s 60% heading into Game 6, ready to compete

Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Three

After sitting out Game 5 due to a hamstring injury, Tony Allen said he’d play Game 6 of the Warriors-Grizzlies series.

Despite not being full healthy for tonight’s contest, the Memphis guard isn’t backing down.

Allen, via Marc Stein of ESPN:

“Our season is on the line,” Allen said. “I’m ready to go out there and compete.

“I want to be in this battle with my team.”

Asked to estimate how close he is to full strength, Allen said he rates himself at “60 [percent] maybe.”

Memphis, trailing 3-2, depends on Allen to take turns guarding Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. That’s no easy task fully healthy, but it’s even harder with a sore hamstring.

Plus, Golden State effectively neutralized Allen in Game 4 by “guarding” him with Andrew Bogut, who actually just patrolled the paint and left Allen open on the perimeter. Allen’s jumper was shaky enough that the Grizzlies had to pull him. A counter could be Allen darting around the court to set screens. But, again, that doesn’t sound like the ideal task for someone with hamstring problems.

Even a hobbled Allen should help Memphis, which was forced to depend more too much on Jeff Green and Vince Carter in Game 5. But the Grizzlies lost by 19 points. Can a hobbled Allen bridge that wide a gap?

Memphis’ best hope might be Allen’s toughness and resolve inspiring his teammates to play better.

Warriors regain control of Grizzlies series, one game from Western Conference finals

Stephen Curry

For a brief moment, it was unclear whether Stephen Curry was losing the ball or just toying with his defender.

Another look quickly revealed the MVP’s stutter step and fancy dribbling were intentional:

Stephen Curry erupts in emotion after 3 to end 1st quarter.

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Curry drilled a 3-pointer to end the first quarter, capping a 16-2 run that erased a 13-point Grizzlies lead, and inspired a raucous home crowd into delirium.

And just like that the Warriors were back in control – of this game (which they won, 98-78, while never trailing in the final three quarters) and this series (which they lead, 3-2).

Golden State can advance to its first conference finals since 1976 by winning Game 6 Friday.

“This is big,” Curry said of the Game 5 win.

Then, Curry – who had 18 points, seven rebounds, five assists and six steals – looked ahead: “It’s getting bigger and bigger. And we love it.”

Curry made 6-of-13 3-pointers, Klay Thompson 3-of-4 (including one as part of a four-point play), Harrison Barnes 3-of-5 and Andre Iguodala 3-of-5 – and the Warriors (14-of-30) dominated the Grizzlies (4-of-15) from beyond the arc.

But no matter what the narrative says, Golden State is not a one-dimensional jump-shooting team.

Take Draymond Green, who missed all five of his 3-point attempts but kept the ball moving with nine assists. Plus, the forward played his usual strong defense – and eventually, so did the Warriors.

With Jeff Green starting for an injured Tony Allen, the Grizzlies look free by the ability to play 5-on-5 offensively as they raced to a 23-10 lead. In Game 4, Golden State mostly ignored the poor-shooting Allen and used his nominal defender, Andrew Bogut, to roam the paint.

But the Warriors, the NBA’s best defense during the regular season, adjusted to their new challenge and clamped down. They also started turning their stops into transition. Golden State outscored Memphis on fastbreaks, 31-6.

Despite their best efforts to slow the pace, the Grizzlies still couldn’t keep up.

It’s hard to see how will.