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Jared Sullinger out for the rest of the season with stress fracture in left foot


As the Celtics try to stay afloat in the Eastern Conference playoff race, they will unfortunately be without starting power forward Jared Sullinger for the rest of the season, according to a press release from the team:

The Boston Celtics announced today that, following further medical evaluation at the New England Baptist Hospital, it was determined that forward Jared Sullinger has sustained a left metatarsal stress fracture and will be out for the remainder of the 2014-15 regular season.

This is a brutal piece of news for the Celtics, who are just one game back in the loss column from the eighth seed. Sullinger was having a nice season, averaging a career-high 14.1 points and 8.1 rebounds per game and making strides as a scorer.

The Celtics’ goals this season were never fully clear. Danny Ainge’s asset-based approach to roster construction would suggest they’ve been tanking, but Brad Stevens has been keeping them competitive in games and Ainge just traded for Isaiah Thomas. At 20-32, they’re closer to the playoffs than they are to the bottom of the standings and any real shot at a top-five draft pick. With how bad the Eastern Conference is, they might still make the playoffs. But the loss of Sullinger makes it that much harder, and they may unfortunately be trapped in no-man’s land, which is exactly what Ainge and the rest of Boston’s front office has worked to avoid.

Brad Stevens says Jared Sullinger “will be out a while” with foot injury

Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors
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In the wake of a busy trade deadline that saw the Celtics land a potential long-term piece in Isaiah Thomas, they were hit with some serious bad news:

So, this is not ideal for the Celtics. With Sullinger out, Boston is looking at Shavlik Randolph, Jae Crowder and (if he’s not bought out) Brandon Bass as their starting power forward options. The Celtics are 20-31, just a game and a half out of eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Trading minor pieces for Thomas could have helped them make a push for the eighth seed. Losing Sullinger for a while is a step back.

They could still make it, because the bottom of the East is a disaster, but it’s an uphill battle now.

Jared Sullinger removed from Celtics’ starting lineup (again) for being late (again)

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BOSTON – Jared Sullinger was late to the Celtics’ pregame walkthrough Sunday.

“Not a trend. Not a problem,” Boston coach Brad Stevens said in announcing Sullinger would come off the bench against the Heat. “Not a short or long-term problem.”

Sullinger returned to the starting lineup at New York on Tuesday, but in the Celtics’ next home game – tonight against the Nuggets – he was again late to the pregame walkthrough. Stevens again brought Sullinger off the bench.

“It’s a great decision by coach,” Sullinger said.

Sullinger blamed traffic for both incidents, saying he got caught behind a funeral procession Sunday and had an ambulance block traffic today. And while that might be the case, it might not be the only factor.

A reporter asked whether Sullinger was disappointed in himself.

“I mean, it happens. It happens,” Sullinger said. “You was probably late to a game before.”

The reporter responded he had been.

“Was you disappointed in yourself?” Sullinger asked

“Yes,” the reporter answered.

“Answered it right there,” Sullinger said.

Stevens didn’t say whether Sullinger would be fined, but this could hurt Sullinger’s bank account in 2016.

Sullinger’s qualifying offer is slated to be $3,270,004. If he meets the starter criteria – starting 41 games or playing 2,000 minutes next season or averaging those totals this season and next – his qualifying offer would increase to $4,433,683.

Sullinger – who has started 46 of Boston’s 47 games and played 1,352 minutes this season – is likely to meet the starter criteria, regardless. He’s also unlikely to accept the qualifying offer. Still, it’s possible injury or offseason roster changes interfere, and these two missed starts could come back to haunt him.

If Sullinger arrives on time from here, this will quickly be forgotten. The snow that has blanketed the city could explain his uncharacteristic tardiness occurring for consecutive home games, even if a funeral/ambulance/ticket also contributed.

“I hope it’s the last time we talk about it,” Stevens said. “I hoped that Sunday was, too.”