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Roy Hibbert, Tim Duncan

Thursday And-1 links: Maybe Indy will not match Hibbert offer


Here is our regular look around the NBA — links to stories worth reading and notes to check out (stuff that did not get its own post here at PBT) — done in bullet point form. Because bloggers love bullet points.

• I have said I expect the Indiana Pacers to match the max-offer (four years, $58 million) that the Trail Blazers gave Roy Hibbert. Because to me, Indy is pretty average without a true center like Hibbert in the paint and they had to know they would be paying him $12 million or so a year anyway. But Mike Wells, the Pacers beat writer for the Indy Star, doesn’t think they will match it. He’s much closer, maybe I read it wrong. Hibbert will sign the Portland offer July 11 and the Pacers will have three days to make the call.

• The Knicks are still really trying to re-sign J.R. Smith.

• Nicolas Batum’s agent met with the Trail Blazers front office Thursday and the Blazers came out of the meeting and said they will match any qualifying offer he signs and they will not discuss a sign-and-trade. That will keep his value down.

• The Clippers, Pacers, Bulls, Mavs and Wizards are all going after Courtney Lee after the Rockets yanked their qualifying offer. Lee is a free agent.

• Is getting the gang back together for one more run the smart play for the Celtics?

• There are a lot of teams interested in Brandon Roy.

• Rashard Lewis is meeting with the Miami Heat this week. Don’t laugh, at a veteran’s minimum deal he is a stretch four that fits their new small-ball identity.

• Look for the Hawks to buy out Jordan Farmar (he was shipped to them as part of the Joe Johnson deal). That will make him a free agent.

• Dirk Nowitzki said he was ready to move on after Jason Terry agreed to terms with Boston. Wonder how he feels today?

• Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau talks his contract situation, also Derrick Rose’s recovery.

• The Kings have made an offer to Jason Thompson.

• The Lakers re-signed Darius Morris.

• The Bobcats have waived Jamario Moon.

The Sacramento Kings arena situation still sucks.

Update: Jamario Moon just practicing with Quebec, not playing

Jamario Moon
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Yesterday the coach of the Quebec Kebs of Canadian NBL was saying how having NBA player Jamario Moon joining his team was not only good for his squad but also for the league.

Oh, you didn’t think he was actually playing in games, did you? Where would you get that crazy idea?

I’m not sure what kind of spin was going on, but The Score reports this tweet from the NBL’s official twitter account:

To confirm, at this point Jamario Moon will join the Kebs at vet camp to practice with the team, stay in shape, and assist coach (Robert) Spon

Okay then. That is still good for the team and a good way for Moon to stay in shape if they ever figure this lockout out. But just to be clear, he’s not suiting up for any games.

Jamario Moon signs with Quebec of Canadian NBL

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Jamario Moon is popular in Canada. No, I’m not kidding. He is a high flying dunker who came into the league and had his best season with the Raptors. They still love him north of the border, while America asks “who?”

So Moon is going back to Canada during the lockout, to play for the Quebec Kebs of Canadian National Basketball League, according to Basketball Buzz and Tas Melas of The Basketball Jones.

The NBL is a struggling little league and Moon will be its biggest draw. By far. And the coach of Quebec is pretty excited about that.

“Just his presence will benefit our team,” said Kebs coach Robert Spon. “I think that a player like Jamario join the Kebs is good not only for ourselves but for our league.”

Moon has been in the NBA four years, playing for the Raptors, Heat, Cavaliers and Clippers.

Moon is an NBA free agent, although there is no word if he has an NBA opt-out clause (I would guess he does, because although I don’t know what the NBL pays I will guarantee it is far less than the NBA).