Bobcats Stephen Jackson out Tuesday, maybe much longer

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Charlotte’s playoff chances are long — like 2 percent long (if you go by ESPN’s John Hollinger or CoolStandings). They are two games back of Indiana and the Pacers have the tiebreaker. The Bobcats almost have to win out, and they have Orlando, Miami and Atlanta still on the docket.

And now they may have to do that without leading scorer Stephen Jackson. For the rest of the season.

That according to a tweet from Mike Cranston of the Associated Press.

#Bobcats F Stephen Jackson says he won’t play tomorrow. Won’t say for sure he’s shutting it down but sounds like he may be done.

Really, it’s time to shut him down for the season. He has tried valiantly to play through this hamstring issue, but he can’t. He has missed the Bobcats last two games and went 1-for4 before leaving against Cleveland on March 30.

There is no reason to push him, to aggravate the injury and worsen it, without the likely reward of a playoff season. And that is just not happening.

Bobcats may shut Stephen Jackson down for season

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The Charlotte Bobcats are the 10 seed in the East as you read this, three games back of the 8 seed Pacers with a dozen games to play. So, not impossible to make up. It’s also not impossible you are going to win the Mega Millions lottery. Doesn’t mean you should start spending the money.

With the long odds, coach Paul Silas is thinking about shutting Stephen Jackson down for the season. Jackson is trying to play through a strained hamstring during the playoff push, but he is clearly hobbling and his shot has been effected.

Not that he will go quietly — Jackson wants to play, reports the Charlotte Observer.

“If they shut me down the rest of the season, it’s their decision,” said Jackson, the Bobcats’ leading scorer this season. “It won’t be mine.”

Due to the injury Jackson is not putting up points for the offensively challenged Bobcats — nobody is, Kwame Brown led the team with 16 points in a key loss to the Pacers Wednesday. You read that right, Kwame Brown. When he leads your team in scoring, you have issues.

Jackson’s hamstring is also hurting the Bobcats on the other end of the floor, where he was unable to guard the Pacers Danny Granger, who proceeded to go off for 33.

The Bobcats may not be ready to throw in the towel yet, but they will be soon. And when they do, it’s time to sit Jackson. No reason to put him through that, to risk further injury, for games that are increasingly meaningless.

Stephen Jackson has MRI on hamstring, no tear found

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Stephen Jackson just does not look right.

The Charlotte Bobcats are three games out of the final playoff spot in the East and Jackson has looked slowed and his shot is off, but he is gutting out a hamstring injury because, without him, the Bobcats don’t have enough guys who can generate offense. Frankly, with him they still don’t have enough guys who can generate offense but without him it is painfully bad. Jackson knows this and has pushed to be allowed to play.

Jackson underwent an MRI Thursday to get a better look at his hamstring, but it showed no tear or serious damage, reports the Associate Press’ Mike Cranston on twitter.

Jackson remains day-to-day.

The Bobcats have had talks of shutting Jackson down for the season, and if this were December he’d be missing a string of games. But we come back to that final playoff spot thing again. But pretty soon that will be a lost cause and Jackson will take a seat for the rest of the season.