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2015 NBA Finals - Game Five

Report: Tristan Thompson’s agent ‘let it be known’ Cavaliers forward wants max or near-max contract


Tristan Thompson reportedly rejected a four-year, $52 million contract extension with the Cavaliers before the season.

He then excelled throughout the Cavaliers run to the NBA Finals.

Where does his stock stand now?

Bob Finnan of The News-Herald:

His agent has let it be known that Thompson wants a max deal, or close to it.

You might remember Thompson’s agent, Rich Paul, from such people as LeBron James’ agent.

LeBron wields tremendous power in Cleveland. That’s why J.R. Smith opting out is a relatively safe move. LeBron likes Smith, and I bet the Cavaliers would pay extra to keep a teammate LeBron likes.

That’s even more overt with Thompson, whom LeBron said should spend the rest of his career in Cleveland. I can’t read that statement any other way than LeBron knowing he has the power and using it.

Considering the circumstances, it’s generous Thompson would even consider accepting less than the max.

Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith says he’ll probably opt out of contract

2015 NBA Finals - Game Six

At some point, J.R. Smith will finish his Coors Light, get off his motorized wheels and attend to the business at hand.

Namely, his $6,399,750 player option.

Chris Broussard of ESPN:

In a vacuum, there’s a case either way for Smith’s option.

At one point, Cavaliers coach David Blatt called Smith a “godsend.” More recently, Smith assessed his play as “horsesh—.”

Both are apt.

Smith is erratic, capable of both getting hot from beyond the arc and destructively moping on both ends of the floor.

He might not draw $6.4 million on the open market, but this could be a good time for Smith to lock into a long-term deal. He’ll turn 30 before next season, and he’s coming off an NBA Finals run – which tends to inflate players’ values.

But the elephant in the room is LeBron James.

LeBron and Smith seemed to click after Smith’s midseason trade from the Knicks. LeBron has spoken positively of Smith numerous times, and vice versa. They have each other’s backs.

And if LeBron has your back, you can probably get a nice contract from the Cavaliers. They’d surely rather pay Smith than risk upsetting LeBron.

If it helps them talk themselves into giving Smith a lucrative long-term deal, his spot-up shooting fits well around LeBron (and Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love). Smith makes Cleveland better, and even if the Cavs let him walk, they wouldn’t have cap room anyway. Re-signing Smith is nearly entirely about how much Dan Gilbert is willing to spend on this team – and that’s about keeping LeBron happy.

In LeBron, Smith has more than enough protection to opt out.

J.R. Smith mourns NBA Finals loss with a Coors Light and PhunkeeDuck ride

2015 NBA Finals - Game Six

Everyone handles losing in their own way.

LeBron James is fantasizing about having missed the playoffs entirely.

J.R. Smith is wheeling around on a really fun-looking machine (a PhunkeeDuck) with the saddest look on his face:

Unfortunately, this video didn’t show the full absurdity of the situation:

You do you, J.R.