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Austin Rivers

Austin Rivers show continues in LA, he scores over Dwight Howard (VIDEO)


LOS ANGELES — This was my favorite line on twitter after the above play.

Austin Rivers continues to put on a show against the defenseless Rockets, and that includes crossing over Pablo Prigioni and scoring over Dwight Howard.

He is just fun to watch right now and playing with so much more confidence than every before in the NBA.

Clippers’ Glen Davis fined for flopping in Game 3 vs. Rockets (VIDEO)

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Clippers

Glen Davis of the Clippers has been fined $5,000 for violating the NBA’s anti-flopping rules, the league announced on Saturday via official release.

Davis went tumbling to the floor after running into Dwight Howard in the first quarter of L.A.’s Game 3 win over the Rockets, and while he may have truly lost his balance, the flailing of the arms (and the fact that the official blew the whistle) is what likely helped the league determine that a fine was necessary.

Jason Terry ejected after shoving Blake Griffin in the back late in Rockets’ Game 3 loss to Clippers (VIDEO)

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Three

Jason Terry was ejected in the fourth quarter of the Rockets’ Game 3 loss to the Clippers on Friday, for running up to Blake Griffin and shoving him in the back, seemingly for no reason.

The game had already been decided at the time, with L.A. comfortably leading by 29 points, and Griffin didn’t do anything to warrant the attack, at least on that particular possession.

The league will take a closer look, just as it does with all plays that result in an ejection. But Terry doesn’t believe he’s in line for any additional punishment.

From Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

“I just went and tried to take a foul, but it was definitely unwarranted,” Terry said. “They gave me a technical and I was out of there. I can’t let that happen so I apologize to the team for that.”

Terry, however, did not believe there would be any additional penalty from the league.

“There shouldn’t be,” Terry said. “There was nothing malicious. I didn’t throw a punch or anything like that. It wasn’t a blow to the head. I don’t this so.”

I disagree that there was “nothing malicious,” but I do agree that this doesn’t warrant a suspension.

We’ll see if the league ends up seeing it the same way.