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James Harden

Lil B says James Harden is officially under the Based God’s curse


James Harden is officially under the Based God curse. In the past several days, Lil B has sent out a series of cryptic tweets accusing Harden of stealing his famous “cooking dance.”

For reference, here’s Lil B’s dance (Warning: video contains some NSFW language):

And here’s Harden’s celebration dance, which the Based God has taken exception to:

He was given an ultimatum by Lil B that he needed to credit him as the originator of the dance, so as to avoid the curse. Apparently, his window of time has passed.

Now, the Based God has confirmed the placement of the curse, via TMZ Sports:

The rapper tells TMZ Sports he put the hex on Harden when he failed to apologize or give proper credit to Lil B for his “cooking it up” dance. B says, “He’s cursed for the rest of the playoffs and further notice until he speaks on what dance celebration he’s doing and where it comes from.”

The curse has become the talk of the NBA playoffs, and couldn’t come at a worst time for Harden … whose Rockets are on the brink of elimination after getting crushed by the Golden State Warriors yesterday, 115-80.

If, like most reasonable people, you’re not buying this curse biz — Lil B points out he gave Harden a final warning before yesterday’s blowout, and … “he lost by 35 points to match the jersey number of his former teammate [Kevin Durant] who is actively cursed right now.”

Harden shot 3-for-16 from the field on Saturday night in Houston’s blowout loss to Golden State, going down 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals. Kevin Durant has been trying to shake the curse for three years. So Harden might want to just acknowledge that he’s using Lil B’s dance, so as to preserve the Rockets’ already-slim chances of coming back from a historic 3-0 deficit against the Warriors.

Stephen Curry glares at heckling Rockets fan, tells him to ‘sit down’

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry had everything working in the Warriors’ blowout Game 3 win over the Rockets, and that included playing the villain role to perfection.

As Curry drained shot after shot, some of them while being particularly close to the courtside fans, eventually he grew tired of hearing their taunts.

From Ken Berger of CBSSports.com:

“It’s fun, playoff basketball, and you get hecklers — guys up close who paid a lot of money for those seats and want to get their money’s worth,” Curry said after dropping 40 points on the Rockets in a 115-80 evisceration of Houston that gave Golden State a 3-0 chokehold in the best-of-7 series. …

Trevor Ariza’s nose was practically in Curry’s mouthpiece, but he still got it off — and it still went in. Curry turned to the fan — the look of astonishment on the face of his female companion was the stuff of Deadspin glory — removed his mouthpiece and glared.

“I don’t even remember what he said,” Curry said. “A four-letter word I can’t repeat. That’s when I turned and said, ‘Sit down,’ just having fun with him. If they want to talk, hopefully they can take some back.”

Besides Draymond Green’s occasionally loud mouth, there’s really not much for the casual fan to dislike about these Warriors. Curry is as clean as they come, and the style of basketball Golden State plays, even though it’s defensive-oriented, is extremely entertaining to watch.

A little attitude from Curry adds some well-deserved spice to this team, and if he continues along this path, it’s going to be particularly interesting to see which way the majority of fans lean in what appears to be an impending matchup in the Finals against a Cavaliers team that features LeBron James.

Stephen Curry boxes out, takes offensive rebound from Dwight Howard

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Three

If one play can sum up a game, this was it.

Stephen Curry was every bit the MVP Saturday night, dropping 40 points on 19 shots — hitting shots then telling the fans courtside to sit down. He owned the game that put the Warriors up 3-0 and within a game of the Finals. That included out working and getting an offensive rebound in front of Dwight Howard, who has six inches and at least 50 pounds on Curry. It was about hustle and desire.

We should be fair to Howard here, he was the only Rocket who brought it in Game 3. He was 6-of-10 shooting, he was playing defense and blocking shots, he was encouraging teammates. It was just not near enough.

This was Curry’s night.