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JaVale McGee from the Washington Wizards

Video: JaVale McGee blocks Blake Griffin into the third row


One night after he completed what still might be the block of the year, JaVale McGee put up one that could challenge it. In part part just because he was swatting Blake Griffin. Consider it some Dunk Contest payback.

The impressive part of this is really that McGee gets just burned on the pump fake by Chris Kaman, and a lot of nights that would have been it as McGee gave up on the play. But Wednesday night he hustled back and came flying in for the moster block.

McGee is a special athlete, not a lot of bigs in the Association make this block.

Video: Did you know Blake Griffin is good at the ally-oop thing?

Blake Griffin Dunk
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We hadn’t put up a video of Blake Griffin dunking in more than a week, and if we didn’t do it today we could have been drummed out of the NBA bloggers union. (Sure, there’s a union, and we voted J.E. Skeets president.)

Blake helped us out by putting up a sweet ally-oop against the Bobcats Monday. What’s sad is that the first time I saw this I thought “he’s done better.” That is how spoiled we have become. We almost root for the bad ally-oop pass because that is when he is forced to do something otherworldly.

We should not take this for granted. Big men that run the floor and dunk with such power don’t come along often. Savor these moments.

Blake Griffin introduces himself to Celtics, unsuspecting rim

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Clippers
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The advantage of throwing alley-oop passes to Blake Griffin is you don’t have to do it particularly well.

Randy Foye took advantage of that Saturday in the Clippers loss to the Celtics. Griffin runs the floor harder than any big in the game and he is out on the break calling for the lob, and Foye throws one. A pretty bad one.

The results? Vintage Griffin.