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Report: Greg Oden’s drinking an issue during season, alleged domestic assault


Greg Oden said this spring, “I’m one of the biggest busts in NBA history, and I know that it’ll only get worse.”

He was referencing how the gap between himself and 2007 No. 2 pick Kevin Durant was widening. Durant had just won Most Valuable Player, and more success is certainly in line for the Thunder star. Oden, the No. 1 pick, appeared stagnant, at least – which was a big improvement from the downward trend he’d been on since his first injury set him back as a rookie.

But, sadly, Oden has continued in the wrong direction.

Oden was arrested last month for allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend in the face, and he faces felony battery charges. He pleaded not guilty.

It seems Oden’s previously admitted drinking problem played a role in the incident, and warning signs existed while Oden was on the Heat roster this season.

Michael Wallace of ESPN:

Privately, his battle with personal demons still raged, according to multiple sources. Alcohol abuse remained a concern last season as he sat out many games because of soreness in his knees and back. When he was left in Miami during road trips early in the season, he often was spotted at local sports bars and restaurants, including a Hooters across the street from AmericanAirlines Arena, to watch the games.

Oden struck the victim at least three times in the face, causing a laceration across her forehead, a swollen eye and a nasal fracture, according to court documents. A friend of the ex-girlfriend told police Oden stopped punching her only after he saw blood splattering onto the sofa.

"Stop! Stop! Get off her!" witnesses shouted at Oden, according to police records.

"He really wanted to punch the [redacted] up outta her," Zoe Oden told investigators, according to the police report.

Oden placed one of the two 911 calls made from the residence to police after the altercation, according to court records. There, he admitted he got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend.

"I already know how this [redacted] gonna go," he said. The dispatcher asked Oden if an ambulance was needed.

"Um, somebody is bleeding, so yes," he said. "But it’s not that deep. So yes, send an ambulance."

The responding officer arrived at Oden’s home around 3:30 a.m. and observed Oden was "calm, apologetic and cooperative," and that he "took full responsibility for his action."

According to the report, Oden told police: "Things got out of control and I started to go after [the victim]. My mother and [the victim’s friend] tried to hold me back but I swung my arms to move them out of the way and then punched [the victim] in the face. I was wrong and I know what has to happen."

The victim was initially uncooperative with authorities but later told police Oden, who has admitted to developing a drinking problem while rehabbing in Portland, had been drinking shots of alcohol and a few beers at the nightclub. She also told police Oden "sometimes gets upset when he drinks" and admitted they had relationship problems.

The legal system will determine Oden’s fate now, but it sounds as if he needs serious help. I hope he gets it.

Oden said he wants to play next seasonand he had a workout planned with the Clippers – but it’s hard to see him getting any attention at this point.

For one – and this matters a lot – Oden is not that good anymore. He’s a third center at best. Nobody is going to take a chance on a player with his troubles without getting more upside.

Secondly, at a time when Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy are making national headlines for off-field violence, the public’s tolerance for domestic abuse by athletes is at an all-time low. The NBA has – undeservedly – avoided the controversy currently plaguing the NFL. Seriously, read this. The NBA has not earned the high road. But perception favors the NBA, and the league surely wants to keep it that way.

Of course, these concerns should be secondary. The victim’s welfare should be of the utmost importance, and hopefully Oden gets the help he needs.

Greg Oden formally charged with felony battery, not guilty plea entered


This part of the court proceedings is a bit of a formality, but the felony battery charges against former NBA No. 1 pick Greg Oden became official before a judge Wednesday morning in Indianapolis.

A not guilty plea was entered (standard at this point in any criminal case, it can be changed later after plea bargain negotiations) and a trial date of Oct. 22 was set, according to the Associated Press.

Oden has been charged with one count of battery resulting in serious bodily injury — a felony that can come with one to six years in jail — as well charges of domestic battery and battery resulting in bodily injury, both misdemeanors.

Oden admitted to the arresting officers that he did this, according to the original police report.

The officer noticed “blood, swelling to the nose, lacerations to the forehead and nose area” of the victim’s face. Police also saw blood on the sofa and floor. A flower pot was also knocked over during the disturbance. …

“Things got out of control and I started to go after the victim,” police quoted Oden in the report…. “I was wrong and I know what has to happen,” Oden told officers. He said he and the woman had dated for approximately two years and broke up about two months ago.

It’s a minor point in comparison, but Oden is a free agent right now and it’s hard to see a team taking the PR hit and bringing him for training camp in at this point. Oden played last season with the Heat but by the time the games really mattered he had fallen far out of the rotation. On a team that could have used some size.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors

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• Golden State’s Marreese Speights must appear in court for a DUI arraignment on September 16. Eventually he will get the standard two-game suspension for this (which is too light, frankly).

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